USA Today Crossword September 9 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 9 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 9 2023 Answers:

Campfire residue 3 letters ASH
Video device for short 3 letters CAM
Repair 3 letters FIX
Cleverness 3 letters WIT
___ Te Ching 3 letters TAO
Have debts 3 letters OWE
Molecule hidden in Mother Nature 3 letters RNA
Enjoyed some nazook 3 letters ATE
Two days before Sat. 3 letters THU
If I’m being honest . . . 11 letters NOTGONNALIE
Owns 3 letters HAS
Flaky French pastries 10 letters CROISSANTS
Anything else? 9 letters AREWEDONE
Your fly is down 3 letters XYZ
Long-nosed piglike mammal 5 letters TAPIR
Like a rager 3 letters LIT
Wi-Fi device 5 letters MODEM
Fit ___ fiddle 3 letters ASA
Winner for short 5 letters CHAMP
Compadre 5 letters AMIGO
Not feeling so hot 3 letters ILL
Vietnamese city where Barack Obama famously dined with Anthony Bourdain 5 letters HANOI
Plant that produces tropical fruit 9 letters MANGOTREE
I’m ___ here! 5 letters OUTTA
Year in Portuguese 3 letters ANO
Homes for pet rats 5 letters CAGES
Sorry for Your Loss star Elizabeth 5 letters OLSEN
i know it’s late but wanna hang? 5 letters YOUUP
Places people! 11 letters ITSSHOWTIME
Meals consisting of lettuce meat eggs and cheese 11 letters CHEFSSALADS
Little kid 3 letters TOT
Tech-heavy period of human history 10 letters DIGITALERA
Pop-ups that try to sell you things 3 letters ADS
Visibility reducer 4 letters SMOG
Colorful-sounding surname 4 letters REDD
Star Wars heroine 3 letters REY
To boot 6 letters ATTHAT
Largest hot desert in the world 6 letters SAHARA
Indoor organisms seen on Verdant cards 11 letters HOUSEPLANTS
Musician such as Yuja Wang 14 letters CONCERTPIANIST
Can I speak with you? 5 letters AWORD
Same here 5 letters METOO
Icy pink wine drink 5 letters FROSE
Cozy lodgings 4 letters INNS
Anti-anxiety medication 5 letters XANAX
Dance in triple time 5 letters WALTZ
Tell it like ___ 4 letters ITIS
Merch stand top 3 letters TEE
Liqueur in an aviation 3 letters GIN
Whichever! 3 letters ANY
Nintendo controller with a wrist strap 7 letters WIIMOTE
Mommy’s partner maybe 4 letters MAMA
Country east of Saudi Arabia 4 letters OMAN
Jurassic Park creature 4 letters DINO
Food that might be served runny 3 letters EGG
Dairy farm animals to toddlers 7 letters MOOCOWS
Imaginary string instrument 9 letters AIRGUITAR
Low-power setting for electronics 9 letters SLEEPMODE
Full-bodied beers 4 letters ALES
Fashion designer Jimmy 4 letters CHOO
Lug 4 letters HAUL
Not hanging loose 4 letters TAUT
Grogu aka Baby ___ 4 letters YODA
Bygone ruler in Anastasia 4 letters TSAR
Discount event 4 letters SALE
Winter vehicle in Calvin and Hobbes 4 letters SLED
Difficult 4 letters HARD
Custom crafts site 4 letters ETSY
Music holders with holes in the middle 3 letters CDS
He/___ pronouns 3 letters HIM
Self-importance 3 letters EGO
Fruit used to make aiyu jelly 3 letters FIG

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