USA Today Crossword September 6 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 6 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 6 2023 Answers:

Spill-cleaning tools 4 letters MOPS
Country where Nowruz is celebrated 4 letters IRAN
Outdo 3 letters TOP
You ___ so bad yourself 5 letters ARENT
Common ice shape 4 letters CUBE
Online Q&A event for short 3 letters AMA
Beyonce album with the song Break My Soul 11 letters RENAISSANCE
A minor e.g. 3 letters KEY
Groups of dancers in snakelike formations 10 letters CONGALINES
Cribbage pieces 4 letters PEGS
Pig’s sound 5 letters GRUNT
___ Minor (constellation) 4 letters URSA
Horror franchise with Ghostface 6 letters SCREAM
Get less powerful 6 letters WEAKEN
Did some weeding 4 letters HOED
Setu Bandhasana in yoga 10 letters BRIDGEPOSE
Lip balm brand 3 letters EOS
Hats that Canadians call tuques 7 letters BEANIES
___ pets (ceramic toys that react to hot water) 3 letters TEA
Superhero in a universe where Peter Parker didn’t get bitten 10 letters SPIDERGWEN
Back area 4 letters REAR
Karate instructor 6 letters SENSEI
Royal emblems 6 letters CRESTS
Views on YouTube e.g. 4 letters STAT
___ and error 5 letters TRIAL
Play the lead 4 letters STAR
Like realistic goals 10 letters ACHIEVABLE
Finished in first 3 letters WON
Person who may occasionally experience attraction 11 letters GRAYASEXUAL
Curved path 3 letters ARC
Prefix with dynamic 4 letters AERO
Puts in the mail 5 letters SENDS
See ya! 3 letters BYE
Singer Erykah 4 letters BADU
___ terrier (dog breed) 4 letters SKYE
Fashion designer Jacobs 4 letters MARC
Cookie in some cocktails 4 letters OREO
Harrisburg’s state (Abbr.) 4 letters PENN
Got caught on something 7 letters SNAGGED
Nothing’s ever good enough! 15 letters ICANTWINWITHYOU
Ancient Germanic letter 4 letters RUNE
Now I know my ___ . . . 4 letters ABCS
Word before a maiden name 3 letters NEE
Jots stuff down during a lecture 10 letters TAKESNOTES
Alpha’s opposite 5 letters OMEGA
Settles a tab 4 letters PAYS
Princess’s headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Sleeps 8 letters SLUMBERS
The S in trig’s SOHCAHTOA 3 letters SIN
Get ready 4 letters PREP
String instruments tuned G-C-E-A for short 4 letters UKES
___ Got You (Patsy Cline hit) 4 letters SHES
Chicken’s home 4 letters COOP
Opposition to the Galactic Empire in Star Wars 10 letters RESISTANCE
Bupkis actress Falco 4 letters EDIE
Companies that sign talent 8 letters AGENCIES
Fury 4 letters RAGE
13C or 25A on a plane 4 letters SEAT
Mickey Mouse headband features 4 letters EARS
Like knees when kneeling 4 letters BENT
Sweetie 4 letters DEAR
Takes a load off 7 letters RELAXES
EDM dance events 5 letters RAVES
Temporary Instagram post 5 letters STORY
Mathematician and classical musician Persad 3 letters RIA
Q-tip for example 4 letters SWAB
General location 4 letters AREA
Is this your ___? (magician’s question) 4 letters CARD
Bed in a dorm 4 letters BUNK
Woman 4 letters LADY
Anyone ___? 4 letters ELSE
Talk a lot 3 letters GAB

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