USA Today Crossword September 5 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 5 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 5 2023 Answers:

Spout forth 4 letters SPEW
___ no good (scheming) 4 letters UPTO
Word before reading or balm 3 letters LIP
Instant-replay effect 5 letters SLOMO
Like whiskey with no ice 4 letters NEAT
Asexual for short 3 letters ACE
Apex predators of the Amazon River 11 letters GIANTOTTERS
Doc treating a pet bird 3 letters VET
Depend 4 letters RELY
Security issues 5 letters LEAKS
Cat’s foot 3 letters PAW
Long ___ (Mariah Carey song) 3 letters AGO
Mortal Kombat II company 4 letters SEGA
Not liquid gas or plasma 5 letters SOLID
Workplace notes 5 letters MEMOS
Rosie the Riveter’s headwear 7 letters BANDANA
Cheerleader’s quality 3 letters PEP
Un ___ Loco (Afro-Cuban jazz standard) 4 letters POCO
Pre-___ students 3 letters MED
Camping gadgets that help prevent bug bites 13 letters MOSQUITOTRAPS
Second-person pronoun 3 letters YOU
Decorative vases 4 letters URNS
Ready ___ go! 3 letters SET
Main courses 7 letters ENTREES
Rise up in opposition 5 letters REBEL
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Huff and puff 4 letters PANT
Palindromic kitchenware brand 3 letters OXO
Hat 3 letters CAP
More kind 5 letters NICER
Rain really hard 4 letters POUR
Subject of the play The Mountaintop for short 3 letters MLK
Know where your food comes from movement 11 letters FARMTOTABLE
Spelling competition 3 letters BEE
Gotcha 4 letters ISEE
Test episode of TV 5 letters PILOT
Big jerk 3 letters ASS
Largemouth fish 4 letters BASS
Muppet with a pet goldfish 4 letters ELMO
Zigzagging skiing event 6 letters SLALOM
Small horse 4 letters PONY
CPR expert 3 letters EMT
Fibers shorn from sheep 5 letters WOOLS
Remove a handle from a photo 5 letters UNTAG
Game that helps babies develop object permanence 8 letters PEEKABOO
Road-surfacing substances 4 letters TARS
NFL tiebreakers 3 letters OTS
Light source whose first TV appearance was on Doctor Who 8 letters LAVALAMP
Drinks made from frozen grapes 8 letters ICEWINES
Furry friend 3 letters PET
Prolonged attack 5 letters SIEGE
Small unit of mass 4 letters GRAM
Commonly tie-dyed shirt 3 letters TEE
Group of orcas 3 letters POD
Noisy sleeper 6 letters SNORER
Pop’s partner maybe 3 letters DAD
Photo ___ 3 letters OPS
Follow-up movie 6 letters SEQUEL
Plays charades say 4 letters ACTS
Free of additives 4 letters PURE
WNBA stat 3 letters PTS
Eyeglasses for one eye 8 letters MONOCLES
Bloopers 8 letters OUTTAKES
Influences creatively 8 letters INSPIRES
Enjoyed some doro wat 3 letters ATE
Nevertheless . . . 3 letters YET
Noname genre 3 letters RAP
Child’s owie 6 letters BOOBOO
Feel jubilant 5 letters EXULT
Handed-down stories 4 letters LORE
Peaks 5 letters ACMES
Volleyball divider 3 letters NET
Meet cute in a rom-com e.g. 5 letters TROPE
Hidden Figures org. 4 letters NASA
Body part with a life line 4 letters PALM
Postgrad degree that might cover corporate ethics 3 letters MBA
Little lie 3 letters FIB
Shop ___ You Drop 3 letters TIL

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