USA Today Crossword September 4 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 4 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 4 2023 Answers:

Soccer star Mia 4 letters HAMM
Magnum ___ 4 letters OPUS
Checkmate! 4 letters IWIN
Soothing succulent 4 letters ALOE
Snuck 5 letters CREPT
Mani-___ 4 letters PEDI
Gumball machine opening 4 letters SLOT
Like sounds dogs can hear but humans can’t 10 letters ULTRASONIC
Close by 4 letters NEAR
Organize by color say 4 letters SORT
Dang it! 3 letters DOH
Additional helpings 7 letters SECONDS
Bio heading 7 letters ABOUTME
Korean supermarket chain 5 letters HMART
Garments worn to protect other garments 6 letters APRONS
Exasperated exclamation 3 letters ACK
Ibiza por ejemplo 4 letters ISLA
Weekend Edition Sunday host Rascoe 6 letters AYESHA
Blooper ___ 4 letters REEL
Say out loud 5 letters UTTER
Largest human organ 4 letters SKIN
Fashion student’s creation 6 letters DESIGN
Look what I did! 4 letters TADA
Since Jan. 1 (Abbr.) 3 letters YTD
That’s cheating! 6 letters NOFAIR
___ State University (Baltimore HBCU) 5 letters BOWIE
Set up for use like apps 7 letters INSTALL
Caps for a certain winter sport 7 letters SKIHATS
Pecan for one 3 letters NUT
Secure with a key 4 letters LOCK
___ all work out! 4 letters ITLL
Puzzles with across and down clues 10 letters CROSSWORDS
That’s fine 4 letters OKAY
Largest continent 4 letters ASIA
MCU actor Chris 5 letters EVANS
Second try 4 letters REDO
Faction 4 letters SECT
Country singer McEntire 4 letters REBA
Do some doodling 4 letters DRAW
Possesses 3 letters HAS
Every single one 3 letters ALL
Mid-Autumn Festival treats 9 letters MOONCAKES
___ shower (celestial event) 6 letters METEOR
The Magic on scoreboards 3 letters ORL
Dachshunds and calicos e.g. 4 letters PETS
Hubbub 6 letters UPROAR
Right side of a ship 9 letters STARBOARD
Stock debut (Abbr.) 3 letters IPO
Sons for the Return Home author Albert 5 letters WENDT
Let the cat out of the bag e.g. 5 letters IDIOM
For a small audience 5 letters NICHE
Poutine ingredient 4 letters CURD
Emotionless 5 letters STONY
Not pro 4 letters ANTI
Piece of shattered glass 5 letters SHARD
Host 5 letters EMCEE
Himalayan ___ (pink seasoning) 4 letters SALT
Puts to work 4 letters USES
Lady Marmalade singer LaBelle 5 letters PATTI
Bloom with seeds that follow the Fibonacci sequence 9 letters SUNFLOWER
He fought alongside Kenobi in the Clone Wars 9 letters SKYWALKER
Strike up the band! 5 letters HITIT
South American mountain range 5 letters ANDES
___ roller (cat owner’s tool) 4 letters LINT
Floppy parts of a beagle 4 letters EARS
Soccer successes 5 letters GOALS
Just slightly 4 letters ABIT
Nook for reading 6 letters ALCOVE
Good grief! 6 letters OHLORD
People who built Macchu Pichu 5 letters INCAS
Essential hospital worker 5 letters NURSE
Emotionless 5 letters STOIC
Go mwah! 4 letters KISS
The Krusty ___ (SpongeBob’s workplace) 4 letters KRAB
Took a chair 3 letters SAT
Double-helix molecule 3 letters DNA
Law ensuring accessibility (Abbr.) 3 letters ADA
Ouch! 3 letters YOW

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