USA Today Crossword September 30 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 30 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 30 2023 Answers:

Flashing light 6 letters STROBE
Now! 4 letters ASAP
Tennis champ Swiatek 3 letters IGA
Yippee! 6 letters HOORAY
Roti flour 4 letters ATTA
Tarnish 3 letters MAR
Gotta go but I had fun! 11 letters ITSBEENREAL
Let me think . . . 3 letters HMM
Add-on costs 4 letters FEES
Awesome! 5 letters SUPER
___ v. Wade 3 letters ROE
Gridiron scores (Abbr.) 3 letters TDS
Animal in the game Beagle or Bagel 3 letters DOG
Word after poetic or dramatic 7 letters LICENSE
Pet’s skin affliction 5 letters MANGE
___ ahiahi (Good evening in Hawaiian) 5 letters ALOHA
Tools with heads and peens 7 letters HAMMERS
Deck with the Major and Minor Arcana 5 letters TAROT
Dish also known as forever soup 13 letters PERPETUALSTEW
Squander 5 letters WASTE
Joined like film segments 7 letters SPLICED
Becomes worn 5 letters FRAYS
Lowest-pitched brass instruments 5 letters TUBAS
Certain ponytail holder 7 letters HAIRTIE
Number of original studio albums for Taylor Swift 3 letters TEN
Automated account 3 letters BOT
Physicians’ degrees 3 letters MDS
Less antiquated 5 letters NEWER
Marathon unit 4 letters MILE
Abura-age ingredient 3 letters SOY
Honors won by A League of Their Own and Framing Agnes in 2023 11 letters GLAADAWARDS
Anger 3 letters IRE
Birnbrot fruit 4 letters PEAR
Burst out laughing 6 letters LOSTIT
Lo-___ images 3 letters RES
Particle hidden in roma tomatoes 4 letters ATOM
Fancy running into you here! 5 letters OHHEY
One might be from 9-5 5 letters SHIFT
Lugged 5 letters TOTED
Flowers with hips 5 letters ROSES
Round things 4 letters ORBS
Person to do something romantic for 3 letters BAE
Look this way! 8 letters EYESONME
Org. whose R stands for retired 4 letters AARP
Metal that’s a resource in Terraforming Mars 5 letters STEEL
Asteroids developer 5 letters ATARI
Buddy 3 letters PAL
This really means a lot to me 9 letters IMHONORED
Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune 8 letters GAMESHOW
One of five for a brittle star 3 letters ARM
Bite-sized chicken pieces 7 letters NUGGETS
Sympathizes 7 letters RELATES
Most moist 7 letters DAMPEST
MRI alternative 7 letters CATSCAN
Enjoy some hummus and bagel chips 3 letters EAT
Self-sacrificing people 7 letters MARTYRS
Spew lava 5 letters ERUPT
My boyfriend agreed to be my husband! 9 letters HESAIDYES
Showed respect 7 letters SALUTED
Band led by Hayley Williams 8 letters PARAMORE
___ arts degree 7 letters LIBERAL
_ork _rom _ome 3 letters WFH
Fjord or cove 5 letters INLET
A24 film that won Best Picture in 2023 for short 5 letters EEAAO
Event that might include an epidural 5 letters BIRTH
Song that might make you say This really takes me back 5 letters OLDIE
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
Friendly 4 letters WARM
Verb in some potato recipes 4 letters MASH
Anagram of sri 3 letters SIR
Transcript stat 3 letters GPA
Try to win over 3 letters WOO

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