USA Today Crossword September 26 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 26 2023 Answers:

Like long odds 4 letters SLIM
Unexciting 4 letters BLAH
Horse’s mom 4 letters MARE
Share what you think 5 letters OPINE
This is bad! 4 letters OHNO
Solo: A Star Wars Story actress Kellyman 4 letters ERIN
Candlelit meal perhaps 10 letters DINNERDATE
Gait faster than a walk 4 letters TROT
Majestic deer 3 letters ELK
Items on a janitor’s ring 4 letters KEYS
Starry competitor 6 letters SPRITE
Slimy creature 4 letters SLUG
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Vehicle that explores a planet 5 letters ROVER
Romantic other half 6 letters SPOUSE
Lawyers’ org. 3 letters ABA
Writers’ collaborators (Abbr.) 3 letters EDS
Consideration when choosing a tampon size 4 letters FLOW
Good ___ (Megan Thee Stallion album with periodical-inspired cover art) 4 letters NEWS
Salsa or tango for example 12 letters PARTNERDANCE
Region 4 letters AREA
King of the jungle that doesn’t actually live in jungles 4 letters LION
Laptop port letters 3 letters USB
Mention in a bibliography 4 letters CITE
www.picturingblackhistory.___ 3 letters ORG
Follow orders 6 letters COMPLY
Runner’s best times (Abbr.) 3 letters PRS
The Kitchen God’s Wife author Tan 3 letters AMY
Minivan alternative 3 letters SUV
Tobiko or masago 3 letters ROE
Say from memory 6 letters RECITE
Like Bluetooth headphones 8 letters WIRELESS
Met Gala outfit often 13 letters DESIGNERDRESS
Like radioactive isotopes 8 letters UNSTABLE
Not bad not great 4 letters SOSO
Split ___ soup 3 letters PEA
Unhappy 3 letters SAD
Awards season nod for short 3 letters NOM
Shares gossip 6 letters SPILLS
Get together 6 letters LINKUP
Road trip stopover 3 letters INN
Timid 4 letters MEEK
Septum hoops navel rings etc. 11 letters BODYJEWELRY
Tibet’s capital 5 letters LHASA
Insect with a species that’s all female 3 letters ANT
Gardening tools 4 letters HOES
D.C.’s subway system 5 letters METRO
Get there 6 letters ARRIVE
Reacted to injustice perhaps 6 letters RIOTED
Crosses a threshold 6 letters ENTERS
Poems that praise 4 letters ODES
Justification 6 letters REASON
Shrimp relative 5 letters PRAWN
Words to a butterfly released from a net 6 letters GOFREE
Person you might say I don’t know her about 5 letters RANDO
Beauty superstore 4 letters ULTA
Tofu 8 letters BEANCURD
Fish tank gunk 4 letters SCUM
In groups of two 8 letters PAIREDUP
Draw for some Berlin tourists 8 letters ARTSCENE
Fix the outcome of 3 letters RIG
Coffee in some martinis 8 letters ESPRESSO
Come into your own 7 letters BLOSSOM
Lifeguards are certified in it 3 letters CPR
Greek letters that look like horseshoes 6 letters OMEGAS
Opposite of unders 5 letters OVERS
You got it! 3 letters YES
While we’re ___ . . . 4 letters ATIT
Horse’s dad 4 letters SIRE
President Barbie portrayer Rae 4 letters ISSA
Fuse like metal 4 letters WELD
Soul singer Bridges 4 letters LEON
Chris Paul’s league 3 letters NBA

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