USA Today Crossword September 21 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 21 2023 Answers:

For sure! 5 letters OHYES
Everything Everywhere All at Once actor Ke Huy ___ 4 letters QUAN
Place to get a peel 3 letters SPA
Hot dog 6 letters WIENER
Fully reverse 4 letters UNDO
Place to soak in some Epsom salts 3 letters TUB
There was no other choice 6 letters IHADTO
Hazards for ships in cold oceans 8 letters ICEBERGS
Body part that can be lent 3 letters EAR
Schmutz on a chimney sweep’s face 4 letters SOOT
Mauna ___ 3 letters LOA
Cut it out! 4 letters STOP
Wish that were the case for me 10 letters MUSTBENICE
Pears mangos peaches etc. in plastic containers 9 letters FRUITCUPS
This is frustrating! 3 letters GRR
Don’t Look Up genre 6 letters SATIRE
Is that a yes ___ no? 3 letters ORA
One-named Believe singer 4 letters CHER
Broadway legend Merman 5 letters ETHEL
Sitcom alien 3 letters ALF
No clue 5 letters GOTME
Have to have 4 letters NEED
Antiquated 3 letters OLD
Chewed like a beaver 6 letters GNAWED
Beaver’s creation 3 letters DAM
Drifted apart 9 letters LOSTTOUCH
Window during which a business is open 10 letters STOREHOURS
Body parts that can swivel 4 letters HIPS
Worn-down pencil 3 letters NUB
Boring routines 4 letters RUTS
Catch a glimpse of 3 letters SEE
Place to secure a pedaled vehicle 8 letters BIKERACK
Rouse from sleep 6 letters AWAKEN
Large primate 3 letters APE
Dog in Garfield 4 letters ODIE
Mallets banged when judges say Order in this court! 6 letters GAVELS
Like most of the characters in the play The Inheritance 3 letters GAY
Curious to a fault 4 letters NOSY
Person getting Venmoed 5 letters PAYEE
Boo-boos 5 letters OWIES
Cymbals with a pedal 5 letters HIHAT
2016 or 2028 15 letters YEAROFTHEMONKEY
Wrap up 3 letters END
Complete collections 4 letters SETS
Abruptly gives up a vice 15 letters QUITSCOLDTURKEY
Tar Heels sch. 3 letters UNC
Suffix for lemon or lime 3 letters ADE
Dukes or earls 6 letters NOBLES
Four Roses or Jim Beam product 15 letters STRAIGHTWHISKEY
Flat-faced dog 3 letters PUG
Crunched muscles 3 letters ABS
Person you might share a bathroom with 6 letters ROOMIE
Really long time 3 letters EON
Not at home 3 letters OUT
Asked overly personal questions 5 letters PRIED
Surf and ___ 4 letters TURF
___-free water bottle 3 letters BPA
Oreo filling 5 letters CREME
Messed up 5 letters ERRED
Web address 3 letters URL
Transmits 5 letters SENDS
Really got to 5 letters ATEAT
Person who might get a Gatorade shower after a win 5 letters COACH
Too 4 letters ALSO
African antelope 3 letters GNU
___ and aah 3 letters OOH
Show up without a plus-one 6 letters GOSTAG
King James 6 letters LEBRON
Good point in a text 3 letters TRU
Really regret 3 letters RUE
Nope director Jordan 5 letters PEELE
Have a hunch 5 letters SENSE
Trade 4 letters SWAP
Purse or tote 3 letters BAG
Hoppy brew 3 letters IPA
Fuss 3 letters ADO
Not trans or nonbinary 3 letters CIS
Not Your Barbie Girl singer Max 3 letters AVA

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