USA Today Crossword September 20 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 20 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 20 2023 Answers:

Potatoes 5 letters SPUDS
The sun for example 4 letters STAR
Fiscal exec 3 letters CFO
Kayak alternative 5 letters CANOE
Despise 4 letters HATE
Subsequently 4 letters THEN
Express a view 5 letters OPINE
Craft brews for short 4 letters IPAS
You can run but you can’t ___! 4 letters HIDE
Shakespeare’s first tragic play 15 letters TITUSANDRONICUS
Professor’s helpers for short 3 letters TAS
Apple technology for transferring files 7 letters AIRDROP
Little Miss Big ___ (rhyming kids’ book) 3 letters SIS
Give a heads-up to 4 letters WARN
Small amount 3 letters TAD
1993 Halloween movie with a large queer fan base 10 letters HOCUSPOCUS
What a Zamboni resurfaces 3 letters ICE
Checkmate 4 letters IWON
Jazz guitarist Montgomery 3 letters WES
On vacation say 4 letters AWAY
Makes like money 5 letters EARNS
Periods of history 4 letters ERAS
Person from Copenhagen 4 letters DANE
Shoes so named because the rubber soles made wearers stealthier 8 letters SNEAKERS
Insincere 5 letters PHONY
Up to informally 3 letters TIL
Make sense? 3 letters SEE
Spinning toy 3 letters TOP
Largest muscle in the human body 14 letters GLUTEUSMAXIMUS
Duo 4 letters PAIR
Sound from an old floorboard 5 letters CREAK
Large amounts 4 letters TONS
When ___ Falls in Love (Taylor Swift song) 4 letters EMMA
Old Russian rulers 5 letters TSARS
Pace slower than a gallop 4 letters TROT
Banana skin 4 letters PEEL
Seasoning that’s high in sodium 4 letters SALT
To this point 3 letters YET
Person from Edinburgh 4 letters SCOT
Daddy in Spanish 4 letters PAPI
Mile or meter 4 letters UNIT
Deep-fried treat 5 letters DONUT
Playground fixtures that move up and down 7 letters SEESAWS
Front part of the lower leg 4 letters SHIN
Performers with noisy shoes 10 letters TAPDANCERS
Space Invaders maker 5 letters ATARI
Vacation spots that can be all-inclusive 7 letters RESORTS
Boy in Spanish 5 letters CHICO
Out of patience 5 letters FEDUP
Small bills 4 letters ONES
___ time’s the charm! 5 letters THIRD
Immediately! 4 letters ASAP
Confidentiality doc 3 letters NDA
___ away from (avoids) 5 letters SHIES
Person from Des Moines 5 letters IOWAN
The Body Keeps the ___ 5 letters SCORE
Member of a crew team 5 letters ROWER
Abnormal 9 letters UNNATURAL
Jessica Long’s Olympic team 3 letters USA
That wasn’t enough for me! 9 letters IWANTMORE
Stop with the shenanigans 9 letters CANYOUNOT
Retina’s organ 3 letters EYE
Hullabaloo 3 letters ADO
Short comedy piece 4 letters SKIT
Talks 6 letters SPEAKS
Votes into office 6 letters ELECTS
Six-sided board game tile 3 letters HEX
Clever 5 letters SMART
Hey! Over here! 4 letters PSST
Have no skin in the ___ 4 letters GAME
Fruit used to make caipirinha 4 letters LIME
___ Major (bear constellation) 4 letters URSA
Animal similar to a walrus 4 letters SEAL
Teensy 4 letters ITTY
Word before talk or rally 3 letters PEP

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