USA Today Crossword September 19 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 19 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 19 2023 Answers:

Unit of land area 4 letters ACRE
Hawaiian island where Barack Obama was born 4 letters OAHU
Rotisserie rod 4 letters SPIT
___ butter soap 4 letters SHEA
Remedies 5 letters CURES
Sheet of glass 4 letters PANE
Drains of energy 4 letters SAPS
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure e.g. 5 letters ANIME
The A in MFA 4 letters ARTS
Home to Italy’s Blue Grotto 11 letters ISLEOFCAPRI
Got together 3 letters MET
Large body of salt water 3 letters SEA
Sense 4 letters FEEL
Doe or buck 4 letters DEER
Lovers’ secret rendezvous 5 letters TRYST
Stockpiles 7 letters AMASSES
Drink that might be brewed in a gaiwan 3 letters TEA
___ woulda thunk it? 3 letters WHO
To-do list item 4 letters TASK
There’s always hope right? 14 letters ICANDREAMCANTI
Unforeseen glitch 4 letters SNAG
Substance for coloring fabrics 3 letters DYE
Prefix for some nonmainstream music genres 3 letters ALT
Opposite 7 letters INVERSE
Like unsettling silence 5 letters EERIE
Nature hike leader 5 letters GUIDE
Former Russian ruler 4 letters TSAR
Come to a conclusion 3 letters END
Badminton divider 3 letters NET
Boston University professor who wrote How to Be an Antiracist 11 letters IBRAMXKENDI
Hair salon sound 4 letters SNIP
From around the area 5 letters LOCAL
Back ___ again at Krispy Kreme 4 letters ATIT
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Love to bits 5 letters ADORE
Intense fury 4 letters RAGE
Like a busybody 4 letters NOSY
Good better ___ 4 letters BEST
Trudge 4 letters PLOD
Help out 6 letters ASSIST
Drink following a shot 6 letters CHASER
Sportscaster’s second look 6 letters REPLAY
Absence of difficulty 4 letters EASE
Eighth of a cup 5 letters OUNCE
Font similar to Helvetica 5 letters ARIAL
Cannabis plant fiber 4 letters HEMP
Person solving a CAPTCHA 4 letters USER
Place to get a hot stone massage 3 letters SPA
Cheese on spaghetti aglio e olio 8 letters PARMESAN
What savings accounts accrue 8 letters INTEREST
Try out 4 letters TEST
Casual eatery 4 letters CAFE
Frequently 5 letters OFTEN
NAACP co-founder ___ B. Wells 3 letters IDA
Large property 6 letters ESTATE
Like many reality shows and wrestling matches 6 letters STAGED
Oh! I get it now! 3 letters AHA
NYC home of Matisse’s Dance (I) 4 letters MOMA
Compete in the Alpine combined 3 letters SKI
Totals up 4 letters ADDS
Teensy 3 letters WEE
Slyly suggestive remark 8 letters INNUENDO
Fillings fill them 8 letters CAVITIES
Reuben sandwich bread 3 letters RYE
Judge’s assistant 5 letters CLERK
Enters an ID and password 7 letters SIGNSIN
Outdoor gear store 3 letters REI
U-Haul van for example 6 letters RENTAL
___ Girls (folk rock duo) 6 letters INDIGO
Made revisions to 6 letters EDITED
Mexican street food orders 5 letters TACOS
Like some modern watches and TVs 5 letters SMART
Wheel bar 4 letters AXLE
Spill the beans 4 letters BLAB
Traveled on horseback 4 letters RODE
Surname that’s an anagram of pare 4 letters EARP
Pony up 3 letters PAY

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