USA Today Crossword September 18 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 18 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 18 2023 Answers:

Lines on city maps (Abbr.) 3 letters STS
Couple 4 letters PAIR
Clarified butter often brushed on naan 4 letters GHEE
___ Alto California 4 letters PALO
Horse with white patches 5 letters PINTO
Depend 4 letters RELY
Legendary 4 letters EPIC
Excitedly smiles for a photo 10 letters SAYSCHEESE
Team leader 7 letters CAPTAIN
Aussie bears 6 letters KOALAS
The N in NSFW 3 letters NOT
Response to great news in a text 6 letters OMGYES
Stinging insects 5 letters WASPS
Like green apples and lemons 4 letters SOUR
UFO pilots 3 letters ETS
Sigh of ___ 6 letters RELIEF
Steamed bun 3 letters BAO
Send by mail 4 letters SHIP
Half-Blood Blues author Edugyan 3 letters ESI
Small battery 3 letters AAA
Crow’s sound 3 letters CAW
Letters texted to someone who’s running late 3 letters ETA
Silent approvals 4 letters NODS
Unwell 3 letters ILL
What’s leftover after a demolition 6 letters DEBRIS
Matar paneer veggie 3 letters PEA
Chess piece also called a castle 4 letters ROOK
Food often paired with rice 5 letters BEANS
Stinging plant 6 letters NETTLE
Atlas diagram 3 letters MAP
Otter relative 6 letters BADGER
Instruction to a horse 7 letters GIDDYUP
Is self-employed perhaps 10 letters FREELANCES
The Incredibles fashion designer Mode 4 letters EDNA
Manicurist’s tool 4 letters FILE
Childbirth professional 5 letters DOULA
. . . 4 letters DOTS
Pepper’s partner 4 letters SALT
Female sheep 4 letters EWES
Understood 3 letters GOT
Design detail for short 4 letters SPEC
Spanish appetizer 4 letters TAPA
Backyard water toy 10 letters SLIPNSLIDE
Grand instruments 6 letters PIANOS
___ ideas? 3 letters ANY
___ really no big deal! 3 letters ITS
Crunchy/gooey ice cream flavor 9 letters ROCKYROAD
___ up (makes oily) 7 letters GREASES
A shoe’s might be six inches high 4 letters HEEL
Anna’s sister in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
Body parts with lids 4 letters EYES
Ink-producing sea creatures 6 letters OCTOPI
Letter before omega 3 letters PSI
Garden tool 3 letters HOE
On the ocean 5 letters ATSEA
Flash ___ 3 letters MOB
Burrito add-on for short 4 letters GUAC
Tiny songbird 4 letters WREN
Author of many fables 5 letters AESOP
Pooch trained to provide emotional support 10 letters THERAPYDOG
504 ___ (1977 disability rights protest) 5 letters SITIN
Sustainable ethical commerce practice 9 letters FAIRTRADE
None for me 4 letters PASS
Very much 4 letters ALOT
Site with health info 5 letters WEBMD
Musical celebration before a wedding 7 letters SANGEET
Haha 3 letters LOL
Like many moccasins 6 letters BEADED
Exercises that a pelvic floor therapist might prescribe 6 letters KEGELS
Snaky fish 3 letters EEL
Super close pals for short 4 letters BFFS
Diva’s solo 4 letters ARIA
Computer brand 4 letters DELL
The cake ___ lie (Portal catchphrase) 3 letters ISA
Golden rule preposition 4 letters UNTO
Future’s opposite 4 letters PAST
This minute 3 letters NOW
Pool stick 3 letters CUE

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