USA Today Crossword September 17 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 17 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 17 2023 Answers:

Comes to a halt 5 letters STOPS
H.S. science class 4 letters CHEM
Apple’s center 4 letters CORE
Bar mitzvah scroll 5 letters TORAH
Des Moines’ state 4 letters IOWA
Base x height for a rectangle 4 letters AREA
2023 in the Chinese calendar 15 letters YEAROFTHERABBIT
Class that might teach someone how to say Hello how are you? 3 letters ESL
The Fates in Hercules e.g. 4 letters TRIO
Org. that inspects luggage 3 letters TSA
Twirl 4 letters SPIN
High School Musical studio 6 letters DISNEY
Two days after Tue. 3 letters THU
Rodent sometimes kept as a pet 9 letters GUINEAPIG
Attempt a free throw 5 letters SHOOT
Symbols of aloha 4 letters LEIS
Mike and ___ (candy brand) 3 letters IKE
Accessory for some superheroes 4 letters CAPE
Dalmatian markings 5 letters SPOTS
Not closed 4 letters OPEN
What’s more . . . 3 letters AND
Stylish 4 letters CHIC
This and this 5 letters THESE
Some specimens from the lunar surface 9 letters MOONROCKS
Cozy hotel 3 letters INN
If you say so 6 letters IGUESS
___ de gallo 4 letters PICO
Speed limit letters 3 letters MPH
Put in the mail 4 letters SENT
That guy 3 letters HIM
Ham it up for the Jumbotron 15 letters WAVETOTHECAMERA
Stench 4 letters ODOR
Must-have 4 letters NEED
___ reef 5 letters CORAL
Off-limits thing 4 letters NONO
Finishes 4 letters ENDS
Money well ___ 5 letters SPENT
Eyelid owie 4 letters STYE
Polydactyl cats have extra ones 4 letters TOES
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Disc golf standard 3 letters PAR
Track-and-field sport for Raven Saunders 7 letters SHOTPUT
Mentioning as a source 6 letters CITING
Swirly Hostess pastry 4 letters HOHO
Lamb’s mom 3 letters EWE
Shaken not stirred drinks 8 letters MARTINIS
Poolside shelter 6 letters CABANA
Word aptly hidden in mirror balls 3 letters ORB
Camping gear store 3 letters REI
Consume 3 letters EAT
Three days after Tue. 3 letters FRI
Big jerks 5 letters ASSES
Stiletto e.g. 4 letters SHOE
Nutritionist’s recommendation 4 letters DIET
Blue to the sky orange to the thigh device 6 letters EPIPEN
That’s not good! 5 letters YIKES
Successful person 6 letters TOPDOG
Letter-shaped bike securer 5 letters ULOCK
Part of a chromosome 4 letters GENE
Rip off 4 letters SCAM
Capital home to Dong Xuan Market 5 letters HANOI
Uto-Aztecan language 8 letters SHOSHONE
Insta uploads 4 letters PICS
That spells trouble! 4 letters OHNO
Moved secretively 5 letters CREPT
Mints sold in a rectangular box 7 letters TICTACS
Uno dos o tres 6 letters NUMERO
Goes fast 6 letters SPEEDS
Monsters ___ 3 letters INC
Structure for tools 4 letters SHED
Word that becomes its opposite when a T is added to the beginning 4 letters HERE
Country on the Caspian Sea 4 letters IRAN
Ice cream drink 4 letters MALT
Took the gold 3 letters WON
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO
Count ___ Count (Sesame Street numerophile) 3 letters VON
Perfect score often 3 letters TEN
Messy head of hair 3 letters MOP

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