USA Today Crossword September 16 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 16 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 16 2023 Answers:

Scratchy voice 4 letters RASP
All the world’s a ___ 5 letters STAGE
Q&A session on Reddit 3 letters AMA
Sephora competitor 4 letters ULTA
Religious leaders who use the @Pontifex handle on a certain social media app 5 letters POPES
Hair salon treatment 4 letters PERM
Early hearing aid 10 letters EARTRUMPET
Family diagram 4 letters TREE
Grown-up 6 letters MATURE
Poseidon’s domain 3 letters SEA
Yoga accessory 3 letters MAT
Broadway awards 5 letters TONYS
Get the sense 4 letters FEEL
NPR host Shapiro 3 letters ARI
Unusual 3 letters ODD
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
Fountain soda size 6 letters MEDIUM
Clutter 4 letters MESS
Places to get a pint 4 letters PUBS
Range of hills 5 letters RIDGE
Woodwind played in many Polynesian countries 9 letters NOSEFLUTE
Play matchmaker for 5 letters SETUP
Fizzles out 4 letters DIES
___ Chavez (asexual character on BoJack Horseman) 4 letters TODD
Store with a bull’s-eye logo 6 letters TARGET
February 14th for short 4 letters VDAY
Actor’s prompt 3 letters CUE
Definitive time period 3 letters ERA
Leaf-gathering tool 4 letters RAKE
Opposite of seldom 5 letters OFTEN
Former Giants quarterback Manning 3 letters ELI
Like some people in queerplatonic relationships for short 3 letters ARO
Put online 6 letters UPLOAD
Christmas candle scent 4 letters PINE
Another name for a harmonica 10 letters MOUTHORGAN
Gets the picture 4 letters SEES
The A of FAQ 5 letters ASKED
Reliable choice 4 letters GOTO
___ room 3 letters REC
The Queen’s Gambit game 5 letters CHESS
The ___ We’re Meant to Find (Joan He novel) 4 letters ONES
Regret 3 letters RUE
With a scoop of vanilla on top 7 letters ALAMODE
Pieces of hair 7 letters STRANDS
Part of a burger 5 letters PATTY
Cowboy boot attachment 4 letters SPUR
That’s news ___! 4 letters TOME
BeReal or Bluesky for example 3 letters APP
Honking birds 5 letters GEESE
Self-___ (confidence) 6 letters ESTEEM
Suitable 3 letters APT
Disney’s Ariel for one 7 letters MERMAID
Floor decor 7 letters AREARUG
Period alone to recharge 6 letters METIME
Sneaky scheme 4 letters RUSE
Vigilant 5 letters ALERT
Sculpture artist Tsuchiya 3 letters TOM
Queer Eye quintet 7 letters FABFIVE
Vinyl records 3 letters LPS
Took to court 4 letters SUED
What you eat 4 letters DIET
Like a bug in a rug 4 letters SNUG
Snow day slider 4 letters SLED
Aida or Carmen 5 letters OPERA
Letters on a Dream Team jersey 3 letters USA
Soaks in hot water 6 letters STEEPS
Prior to now 7 letters EARLIER
Person learning the ropes at a new job 7 letters TRAINEE
Stop sign shape 7 letters OCTAGON
When a baby is expected 7 letters DUEDATE
Bear’s lair 3 letters DEN
Airport landing zone 6 letters TARMAC
Modern carpe diem acronym 4 letters YOLO
Type of ball with rubber strands 5 letters KOOSH
Do without 5 letters FORGO
Great Basin people 4 letters UTES
Some terminal degrees 4 letters PHDS
Computer key above ~ 3 letters ESC
Genoa Keawe’s instrument for short 3 letters UKE
Refusals 3 letters NOS

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