USA Today Crossword September 15 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 15 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 15 2023 Answers:

Small whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
Cheerwine or Dr. Brown’s 4 letters SODA
Headbutts 4 letters RAMS
Pi r squared calculation 4 letters AREA
Motorist’s 180 5 letters UTURN
Clickable desktop image 4 letters ICON
Softest mineral 4 letters TALC
Destined 5 letters FATED
Poke bowl fish 4 letters TUNA
Star Wars antagonists titled Darth 9 letters SITHLORDS
Object fed when parking 5 letters METER
Alphabet system in which D is 3-Down 4 letters NATO
Classic Puccini opera 5 letters TOSCA
Hole in a needle 3 letters EYE
Dirt for a potted plant 4 letters SOIL
The Memory Police author Ogawa 4 letters YOKO
Inquire 3 letters ASK
Formerly named 3 letters NEE
Do some electrical repairs 6 letters REWIRE
1984 mockumentary about a fictional heavy metal band 15 letters THISISSPINALTAP
Dennis the ___ 6 letters MENACE
Slow-cooker meal 4 letters STEW
Me day place 3 letters SPA
Enter a phone number 4 letters DIAL
Colorful eye part 4 letters IRIS
Endometriosis Awareness Day mo. 3 letters MAR
Gives off 5 letters EMITS
Distorts like data 5 letters SKEWS
Radio station sign 5 letters ONAIR
Subway Art singer 9 letters TISHHYMAN
Not attend 4 letters SKIP
___ Lama 5 letters DALAI
Sit for a photo 4 letters POSE
Disney snow queen 4 letters ELSA
Pressed Ctrl Z 5 letters UNDID
Blues great James 4 letters ETTA
Pumpkin bit that might be baked 4 letters SEED
Like Easter eggs 4 letters DYED
Search for 4 letters SEEK
Consumes 4 letters EATS
Sap energy from 5 letters DRAIN
Atlanta-based airline 5 letters DELTA
Luxury boats 6 letters YACHTS
Catches by surprise 8 letters STARTLES
Perform better than 5 letters OUTDO
Like clothes at a formal event 6 letters DRESSY
Furthermore . . . 3 letters AND
Bar mitzvah or baptism 4 letters RITE
Opposite of obtuse 5 letters ACUTE
What’s not used in a barter system 5 letters MONEY
Drum often heard on a backbeat 5 letters SNARE
Sci-fi ship 3 letters UFO
British bathroom 3 letters LOO
Instruction before blowing out a birthday candle 9 letters MAKEAWISH
Word before store or booth 6 letters CORNER
Tailor’s pants measurement 6 letters INSEAM
Great horned bird of prey 3 letters OWL
Device that requires a PIN 3 letters ATM
___/her 3 letters SHE
Family 3 letters KIN
Music releases with four to six tracks 3 letters EPS
Part of FWIW 3 letters ITS
GloRilla’s genre 3 letters RAP
Org. concerned with the ozone layer 3 letters EPA
Feeling low 3 letters SAD
More frosty 5 letters ICIER
According to legend . . . 8 letters ITISSAID
Lengthy list 6 letters LITANY
Video chats in a way 6 letters SKYPES
He was given the Ten Commandments 5 letters MOSES
Joint covered by a high-top sneaker 5 letters ANKLE
Ideal result of union negotiations 5 letters RAISE
~ 5 letters TILDE
Overplay a part 5 letters EMOTE
___ not want not 5 letters WASTE
Move furtively 5 letters SNEAK
Tablet with Mini and Air versions 4 letters IPAD
Kept out of sight 3 letters HID
Defective firecracker 3 letters DUD

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