USA Today Crossword September 14 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 14 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 14 2023 Answers:

The Fox and the Grapes author 5 letters AESOP
Ink holders for squids 4 letters SACS
Way out there 4 letters AFAR
Pickling liquid 5 letters BRINE
Tons 4 letters ALOT
Highway section 4 letters LANE
Some are altos or tenors 5 letters SAXES
Nothingburgers say 9 letters NONEVENTS
Starchy Italian dumpling dish 13 letters POTATOGNOCCHI
Crunchy yogurt topping 7 letters GRANOLA
City with the world’s busiest airport (Abbr.) 3 letters ATL
Tupperware top 3 letters LID
A single time 4 letters ONCE
Degrees held by most profs 4 letters PHDS
PEN15 streaming service 4 letters HULU
America’s national tree 3 letters OAK
See ya! 4 letters CIAO
Horse’s home 6 letters STABLE
What beer is often served in 9 letters PINTGLASS
Ship that takes passengers to ports for shore excursions 6 letters CRUISE
Harvey who was California’s first openly gay public official 4 letters MILK
Unit of candy or gold 3 letters BAR
Allowed to borrow 4 letters LENT
Soothing stuff 4 letters BALM
___ cut (feature of an accessible sidewalk) 4 letters CURB
No ___ ands or buts! 3 letters IFS
At-bat stat 3 letters RBI
Drilling platform 6 letters OILRIG
Item often next to a saltshaker 13 letters PEPPERGRINDER
612 and 651 for Minneapolis 9 letters AREACODES
Sign into law 5 letters ENACT
Seasons of Love musical 4 letters RENT
Follow surreptitiously 4 letters TAIL
Thespian 5 letters ACTOR
Vietnamese Lunar New Year 3 letters TET
Jekyll’s alter ego 4 letters HYDE
Sketchy 5 letters SHADY
Core muscles 3 letters ABS
Villain ___ (2022 TikTok trend) 3 letters ERA
Beer purchase 7 letters SIXPACK
Low tie score 6 letters ONEONE
Basil-based sauce 5 letters PESTO
Accessory that might be worn with a fake beard 8 letters SANTAHAT
___ gobi 4 letters ALOO
Barrel-like drums 6 letters CONGAS
Artery insertion 5 letters STENT
Actor Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Group of groupies 7 letters FANCLUB
Mound built by a colony 7 letters ANTHILL
Leftover stuff 7 letters RESIDUE
How loud the TV is for short 3 letters VOL
Word before skiing or slide 6 letters ALPINE
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Messenger ___ 3 letters RNA
Unquestioned beliefs 5 letters DOGMA
Possesses 3 letters HAS
Not trans 3 letters CIS
Pinkish hue 6 letters SALMON
Sound of disapproval 3 letters TSK
Fruit discard 3 letters PIT
Rapper ___ Kim 3 letters LIL
Pre-made images for a graphic designer 7 letters CLIPART
Soccer official 7 letters REFEREE
Like money in the bank 7 letters UNSPENT
Mozzarella-and-cream cheese 7 letters BURRATA
Singer Lennox 3 letters ARI
Notorious former SCOTUS member 3 letters RBG
It might be circled in red on a calendar 6 letters BIGDAY
Tighten like a jaw 6 letters CLENCH
Suggestion for short 3 letters REC
Liquid part of ramen 5 letters BROTH
Notions 5 letters IDEAS
Light touch 3 letters PAT
Paralympic champion Amanda 4 letters REID
Bit of land in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Common white fish 3 letters COD
Attempt 3 letters TRY

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