USA Today Crossword September 13 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 13 2023 Answers:

Public health org. headquartered in Atlanta 3 letters CDC
In the distance 4 letters AFAR
Body parts that might hurt from smiling 6 letters CHEEKS
Ha good one in a text 3 letters LOL
Dancer’s bend 4 letters PLIE
Wait right there! 6 letters HOLDIT
Enjoyed some eggs Benny 3 letters ATE
Mary had a little one 4 letters LAMB
Don’t worry about me 6 letters IMFINE
Common satay topping 11 letters PEANUTSAUCE
Rave music genre 3 letters EDM
Big Bird sleeps in a large one 4 letters NEST
W-9 e.g. 4 letters FORM
Opposite of NNE 3 letters SSW
Parrot in Aladdin 4 letters IAGO
It was me 4 letters IDID
First U.S. city to host the Olympic Games 3 letters STL
Operatic solo 4 letters ARIA
New Orleans university 6 letters TULANE
Display of a person’s absolute best 15 letters PEAKPERFORMANCE
Frees from a knot 6 letters UNTIES
Door of a tent 4 letters FLAP
Automobile 3 letters CAR
Female rabbits or antelopes 4 letters DOES
As ___ on TV 4 letters SEEN
Bic product 3 letters PEN
Compete in a regatta 4 letters SAIL
Ooze 4 letters SEEP
What you might need more of if you ask someone to scoot over 13 letters PERSONALSPACE
The Marvelous Mrs. ___ 6 letters MAISEL
Right away 4 letters ASAP
Cool 3 letters RAD
Like a concert-ready instrument 6 letters INTUNE
Wee 4 letters ITTY
Eww that’s enough! 3 letters TMI
Acclimates to new circumstances 6 letters ADAPTS
Tells a fib 4 letters LIES
Until now 3 letters YET
Applaud 4 letters CLAP
Be adoring 4 letters DOTE
Fresh start 10 letters CLEANSLATE
Super-good grade 5 letters APLUS
Woes that affect about 220 million U.S. drivers each year 9 letters FLATTIRES
Points at a target 4 letters AIMS
McEntire with 24 No. 1 hits 4 letters REBA
Topo ___ (sparkling mineral water) 5 letters CHICO
Base-clearing hit 5 letters HOMER
North Pole worker 3 letters ELF
Name that sounds like its first two letters 4 letters EDIE
Nice 4 letters KIND
Flower’s support 4 letters STEM
Like music that just dropped 3 letters NEW
Flying saucer 3 letters UFO
Luckiest Girl Alive actress Kunis 4 letters MILA
Person taking dictation for short 5 letters STENO
What lungs fill with 3 letters AIR
Social blunder 5 letters GAFFE
Opportunity to boogie down 10 letters DANCEPARTY
Like many Peruvian ruins 5 letters INCAN
Animal in many cave paintings 4 letters DEER
Tater 4 letters SPUD
Gorilla e.g. 3 letters APE
Convert Le Petit Prince into The Little Prince say 9 letters TRANSLATE
Baseball ref 3 letters UMP
Acts like a teacher’s pet 8 letters KISSESUP
Soccer game cheer 3 letters OLE
___-mo 3 letters SLO
Energy 3 letters PEP
___ you the lucky one! 5 letters ARENT
Bits of land in the water 5 letters ISLES
Annual sports awards 5 letters ESPYS
Bread often served with hummus 4 letters PITA
Body part that gets clipped 4 letters NAIL
Italian wine region 4 letters ASTI
Arrived 4 letters CAME
Modify 4 letters EDIT
Soccer star Hamm 3 letters MIA
Also 3 letters AND

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