USA Today Crossword September 12 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 12 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 12 2023 Answers:

Freight 5 letters CARGO
The only mammals that fly 4 letters BATS
Runner-up in a fable 4 letters HARE
Love in French 5 letters AMOUR
Like numbers divisible by two 4 letters EVEN
Will do! 4 letters ONIT
En ___ (all together) 5 letters MASSE
Length between mini and maxi 4 letters MIDI
Cash dispensers 4 letters ATMS
Spot for opinions in a newspaper 13 letters EDITORIALPAGE
Basic top 3 letters TEE
Actress Chlumsky 4 letters ANNA
Breathable material 5 letters LINEN
Indignation 7 letters OUTRAGE
Sugar substitute 7 letters SPLENDA
She-____ (spot for a me day) 4 letters SHED
First Black man to win the U.S. Open 4 letters ASHE
International Clown Week mo. 3 letters AUG
Budget motel chain 10 letters ECONOLODGE
Word before fryer or mattress 3 letters AIR
Payment due on the first of the month typically 4 letters RENT
Apiece 4 letters EACH
They might be summoned during a seance 7 letters SPIRITS
Makes certain 7 letters ENSURES
Safe space 5 letters HAVEN
End-of-the-workweek exclamation 4 letters TGIF
Tolkien beast 3 letters ORC
The Raven author 13 letters EDGARALLANPOE
Adorbs! 4 letters CUTE
___ Field (Mets’ home) 4 letters CITI
Silky fabric 5 letters SATIN
Do as you’re told 4 letters OBEY
___ out (barely gets) 4 letters EKES
Repent 5 letters ATONE
I Knew You ___ Trouble 4 letters WERE
Meetup casually 4 letters SESH
Holy See leaders 5 letters POPES
Woke up 6 letters CAMETO
Wolfgang ___ Mozart 7 letters AMADEUS
Feminist icon with the campaign slogan We Can Do It! 15 letters ROSIETHERIVETER
Blast of wind 4 letters GUST
One might be Double Stuf 4 letters OREO
Heart candy phrase 6 letters BEMINE
Bird-related 5 letters AVIAN
Titular soccer coach in an Apple TV series 8 letters TEDLASSO
Scissors sound 4 letters SNIP
Sandwich whose name originated in the Philly area 6 letters HOAGIE
Radio wave receiver 7 letters ANTENNA
Basket’s lip 3 letters RIM
Many Doctor Who creatures (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
Shred of old cloth 3 letters RAG
Makes a claim 7 letters ALLEGES
www.howard.___ 3 letters EDU
Annoy persistently 3 letters NAG
VCR button with a circle icon 3 letters REC
Doting 7 letters ADORING
Degree held by Kizzmekia Corbett 3 letters PHD
___-rock 3 letters ALT
Leap and a ___ will appear 3 letters NET
Walking the picket line 8 letters ONSTRIKE
___ de parfum 3 letters EAU
Volcano schmutz 3 letters ASH
Bitter beer 3 letters IPA
Shirt often worn with high-rise pants 7 letters CROPTOP
She-Ra or Wonder Woman e.g. 7 letters HEROINE
Overnight flight 6 letters REDEYE
Bad Guy singer Billie 6 letters EILISH
Org. with Lions and Bears 3 letters NFL
Movie segments 6 letters SCENES
Airport boarding areas 5 letters GATES
Gets an A on 4 letters ACES
Stat! 4 letters ASAP
Thirty-country defense grp. 4 letters NATO
Sacred animal in Hinduism 3 letters COW
Purple yam 3 letters UBE

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