USA Today Crossword September 10 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 10 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 10 2023 Answers:

An octopus has eight 4 letters ARMS
Partiality 4 letters BIAS
Dining room surface 5 letters TABLE
Spiciness 4 letters HEAT
Really digging 4 letters INTO
Starting squad 5 letters ATEAM
Opening poker bet 4 letters ANTE
MCU character with a hammer 4 letters THOR
Is introduced to 5 letters MEETS
Kingdom that ruled modern-day Turkey 13 letters OTTOMANEMPIRE
Q-tip for example 4 letters SWAB
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Person acting as a decoy 11 letters STOOLPIGEON
Sound of impact 3 letters BAM
Waters down 5 letters THINS
Holiday during which banh chung is often eaten 3 letters TET
Besides that 4 letters ELSE
Kylo ___ (Star Wars character) 3 letters REN
Exercise that works the pecs 10 letters BENCHPRESS
I sort of hate to ___ it but do you have a basket? (rhyming question from Little Red in Into the Woods) 3 letters ASK
Tribute poem 3 letters ODE
Uses the rubber end of a pencil 6 letters ERASES
You got it boss! 6 letters YESSIR
Japanese wrestling style 4 letters SUMO
Pig’s place 3 letters STY
Shrek or Fiona 4 letters OGRE
Bonus 4 letters PLUS
Stop being weird! 7 letters ACTCOOL
Completed some reps 7 letters DIDASET
Leader of a committee meeting 10 letters CHAIRWOMAN
ATM output 4 letters CASH
West Side Story actress Moreno 4 letters RITA
Malice 5 letters SPITE
Toy that flies 4 letters KITE
Too many to list abbreviation 4 letters ETAL
Former partners 4 letters EXES
Close forcefully 4 letters SLAM
Cry of realization 3 letters AHA
Home of the Nevada Museum of Art 4 letters RENO
Name that sounds like a lip gloss type 4 letters MATT
Cowboy hat brand 7 letters STETSON
Format for some digital images 6 letters BITMAP
Lived in 9 letters INHABITED
Oodles and oodles 4 letters ATON
In need of a massage 4 letters SORE
DivaCup alternative 6 letters TAMPON
Used Uber Eats perhaps 5 letters ATEIN
Michelada ingredient 4 letters BEER
Tardy to the party 4 letters LATE
Letters on an ambulance 3 letters EMS
Birds that hoot 4 letters OWLS
Dios ___! 3 letters MIO
Many a shelter dog 5 letters STRAY
Not those 5 letters THESE
Pig sounds 5 letters OINKS
Hereditary units studied by Jennifer Doudna 5 letters GENES
And so on 3 letters ETC
___ Me Ultima (Rudolfo Anaya novel) 5 letters BLESS
Good thing to have 5 letters ASSET
Like many teens’ bedrooms 5 letters MESSY
Renaissance ___ (chapter of Beyonce’s career) 3 letters ERA
Takes with permission 7 letters BORROWS
Shorts’ bottom edges 8 letters HEMLINES
Opposite of ashamed 5 letters PROUD
Outgoing 6 letters SOCIAL
Composer Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Modernize 6 letters UPDATE
Forgo an official ceremony 5 letters ELOPE
Burlap bags 5 letters SACKS
Measure of land 4 letters ACRE
Voucher 4 letters CHIT
See you later! 4 letters TATA
Travel by boat 4 letters SAIL
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Gender-neutral pronoun 4 letters THEM
Powdery Betty Crocker product 3 letters MIX

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