USA Today Crossword September 1 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword September 1 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword September 1 2023 Answers:

Trumpet metal 5 letters BRASS
Stephanie Allynne to Tig Notaro 4 letters WIFE
Short haircut 3 letters BOB
___ mignon 5 letters FILET
Implicitly understood 5 letters TACIT
A few days ___ . . . 3 letters AGO
Costly mistakes 11 letters FATALERRORS
Dude! 3 letters BRO
Snooty person 4 letters SNOB
___ alla vodka 5 letters PENNE
Free passes in tournaments 4 letters BYES
Tianjin’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Like Lebanon and Egypt 4 letters ARAB
No. 2 (Abbr.) 4 letters ASST
Malcolm X in Malcolm X 9 letters TITLEROLE
Doctoral hurdles 6 letters THESES
Bread served with dal 4 letters NAAN
Formal outfit 3 letters TUX
Dial-up pioneer 3 letters AOL
Face-planted 7 letters ATEDIRT
___ Fridays 3 letters TGI for example 3 letters URL
Will you allow me? 4 letters MAYI
Mochi-making tool 6 letters MALLET
First run-through of a script 9 letters TABLEREAD
Doesn’t tell the truth 4 letters LIES
Kyrgyz shelter 4 letters YURT
Streak of smoke 4 letters WISP
Highway to Hell band 4 letters ACDC
Word before tag or pointer 5 letters LASER
Kettuvallam or kayak 4 letters BOAT
Lady Gaga wore one made of $100 bills 3 letters BOA
Cowgirl’s workplace 11 letters CATTLERANCH
Halloween animal 3 letters BAT
Bar seat 5 letters STOOL
Abuelita’s name in Coco 5 letters ELENA
India pale ___ 3 letters ALE
Seasonal workers 5 letters TEMPS
That’ll do for me thanks 5 letters IMSET
V close buds 4 letters BFFS
Glass Onion director Johnson 4 letters RIAN
Range below soprano 4 letters ALTO
Fish with a Chilean variety 7 letters SEABASS
Forest Park’s city for short 3 letters STL
Alert 4 letters WARN
Legendary person 4 letters ICON
Red warning device that might have a pull down handle 9 letters FIREALARM
Aliens (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
Milk or formula container for an infant 10 letters BABYBOTTLE
Fairy tale creature 4 letters OGRE
Jeers from the crowd 4 letters BOOS
Reward for a good pup 5 letters TREAT
Prefix for center or gram 3 letters EPI
Stonewall Inn e.g. 3 letters BAR
Basket for cooking pork buns 7 letters STEAMER
Loaner cars 7 letters RENTALS
Spanish for now 5 letters AHORA
Stamp on an egg carton 10 letters SELLBYDATE
Country with the most vegetarians 5 letters INDIA
___ Lung (Kung Fu Panda villain) 3 letters TAI
Olympic sleds 5 letters LUGES
Get off the freeway 4 letters EXIT
Pulled tight 4 letters TAUT
Kick off behind schedule 9 letters STARTLATE
Keep your ___ on the ball 3 letters EYE
ChapStick e.g. 7 letters LIPBALM
Jean-___ Picard 3 letters LUC
Resides 6 letters DWELLS
Rage 3 letters IRE
Mamma Mia! group 4 letters ABBA
Carbon-rich rock 4 letters COAL
Small particle studied by Maria Goeppert Mayer 4 letters ATOM
Knock it off! 4 letters STOP
The ___ Who Stay and Fight (N.K. Jemisin short story) 4 letters ONES
Skin condition 4 letters ACNE
Fine be ___ way 4 letters THAT
Austin Texas time zone 3 letters CST
Camping gear chain 3 letters REI

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