USA Today Crossword October 6 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword October 6 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword October 6 2023 Answers:

Breakfast beverages for short 3 letters OJS
First appearance of daylight 4 letters DAWN
Exam for some H.S. juniors 4 letters PSAT
Native Canadian group 4 letters CREE
Cleveland’s Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Regulation 4 letters RULE
Will more formally 5 letters SHALL
This Arab Is Queer author Eltahawy 4 letters MONA
Tablet with an Air version 4 letters IPAD
Lose power and prestige 13 letters FALLFROMGRACE
. . . roughly 4 letters ORSO
Airport pickup stats 4 letters ETAS
Join freeway traffic 5 letters MERGE
Better ___ than sorry 4 letters SAFE
Salary 3 letters PAY
Tool used for weeding 3 letters HOE
Drive-___ wedding 4 letters THRU
Color similar to beige 3 letters TAN
Neuron or sperm for example 4 letters CELL
Annual prize for gay male poetry 13 letters THOMGUNNAWARD
Have a casual conversation 4 letters CHAT
Doc who might treat tinnitus 3 letters ENT
Attend 4 letters GOTO
(I Can’t ___ No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones song) 3 letters GET
Got married 3 letters WED
Farm output 4 letters CROP
App with photo carousels 5 letters INSTA
She in Spanish 4 letters ELLA
Mathematician Turing 4 letters ALAN
Savory veggie-based sauce 13 letters MUSHROOMGRAVY
Choose a Side candy bar 4 letters TWIX
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Button that may be pushed with a pin 5 letters RESET
Sauvignon blanc for example 4 letters WINE
Theater balcony 4 letters LOGE
Most numerous insects in the world 4 letters ANTS
Dollar bills 4 letters ONES
A long long time 4 letters AGES
Butter K-pop group 3 letters BTS
Spoken exams 5 letters ORALS
Jiggly boozy party treat 9 letters JELLOSHOT
___-fulfilling prophecy 4 letters SELF
Relegate to a lower position 6 letters DEMOTE
Pleasing scent 5 letters AROMA
Board game whose dice tower is a bird feeder 8 letters WINGSPAN
In the vicinity 4 letters NEAR
Cost 5 letters PRICE
Batwoman or Black Widow 9 letters SUPERHERO
Vamos ___ playa 3 letters ALA
___ Lasso (Apple TV show) 3 letters TED
Blacken on the grill 4 letters CHAR
Bay Area hub (Abbr.) 3 letters SFO
Asylum seeker 7 letters REFUGEE
Jeopardy! champion Schneider 3 letters AMY
Yellowish metal 4 letters GOLD
Fish with a cutthroat variety 3 letters EEL
Ulna’s place 3 letters ARM
Discounted is one for deductions 7 letters ANAGRAM
Hands off! 9 letters THATSMINE
Shaq Life channel 3 letters TNT
Person buying kitty litter and laser pointers 9 letters CATPARENT
Every now and ___ 4 letters THEN
Unlikely winner 8 letters UNDERDOG
Yay! 3 letters WOO
Some movie effects 3 letters CGI
Now where ___ I? 3 letters WAS
Shuts 6 letters CLOSES
Penguin suits 5 letters TUXES
Skier’s inn 5 letters LODGE
Endures 5 letters LASTS
Wide streets (Abbr.) 4 letters AVES
Newspaper with a Modern Love column for short 3 letters NYT
Buenos dias! 4 letters HOLA
Snatch 4 letters GRAB
What even numbers are divisible by 3 letters TWO
Come out on top 3 letters WIN

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