USA Today Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Makeup might clog them 5 letters PORES
Get lost! 5 letters SCRAM
Head gesture 3 letters NOD
In unison 5 letters ASONE
Country east of Jamaica 5 letters HAITI
And I ___ it all to you! 3 letters OWE
Not receptive to new ideas 11 letters CLOSEMINDED
Metal in solder 3 letters TIN
Taho ingredient 4 letters TOFU
Came to a permanent stop 5 letters ENDED
Metallic resources 4 letters ORES
Curtsy lunge count 4 letters REPS
Bird attracted to oranges 6 letters ORIOLE
Stockholm residents 6 letters SWEDES
Part of a ship 6 letters RUDDER
Baby coyote 3 letters PUP
Puts up a fight 7 letters RESISTS
Cool ___ cucumber 3 letters ASA
I need it right now! 4 letters ASAP
Part of a ship 4 letters DECK
Tantalize 5 letters TEMPT
Rotate rapidly 5 letters WHIRL
Plant used in basketry 4 letters REED
Cupful on a desk 4 letters PENS
Childbirth specialist 12 letters NURSEMIDWIFE
The weekend’s here at last! 4 letters TGIF
Oily 6 letters GREASY
Planet known for its rings 6 letters SATURN
Magnolia or sequoia 4 letters TREE
Tarako or mentaiko 3 letters ROE
Companionless 5 letters ALONE
Prey of pet cats 9 letters HOUSEMICE
Out of ___ (not happy) 5 letters SORTS
Standard of measurement 4 letters UNIT
Makes a request 4 letters ASKS
Museum robbery 5 letters HEIST
Egg farm animals 4 letters HENS
Meeting informally 4 letters SESH
Treaty 4 letters PACT
Capital of Norway 4 letters OSLO
Shingle replacement for example 10 letters ROOFREPAIR
Came afterward 6 letters ENSUED
Didn’t I tell you? 3 letters SEE
Magician Lim 4 letters SHIN
You got it! 5 letters CANDO
Bus passenger 5 letters RIDER
Fell down face-first 7 letters ATEDIRT
Prefix for way or day 3 letters MID
University near South Bend 9 letters NOTREDAME
Toddler’s scrape 4 letters OWIE
Homes for lions 4 letters DENS
That’s ___ up! 6 letters MESSED
Like antiques 3 letters OLD
Limit one ___ customer 3 letters PER
Remove from power 4 letters OUST
Produce offspring 5 letters SPAWN
Martial art practiced by Hao Zhihua and Jet Li 5 letters WUSHU
Baseball Tonight channel 4 letters ESPN
Darn it! 4 letters RATS
Sans-___ font 5 letters SERIF
Covered with frosting 4 letters ICED
Depict unfairly 4 letters SKEW
Cheap ploys for media attention 8 letters PRSTUNTS
Pentathlon sword 4 letters EPEE
Stroller feature 7 letters LEGREST
Some magazines 7 letters DIGESTS
Red Azalea author Anchee 3 letters MIN
At no cost 4 letters FREE
Come up 5 letters ARISE
Tabi for example 5 letters SOCKS
Sounds unpleasant! 5 letters YEESH
Accessory like an obi 4 letters SASH
Baby wipe additive 4 letters ALOE
Singer ___ Kelly 4 letters TORI
Shade of a color 4 letters TONE
Totally destroy 4 letters RUIN
What did you say? 3 letters HUH
More in Spanish 3 letters MAS

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