USA Today Crossword May 28 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword May 28 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword May 28 2023 Answers:

Rapid 5 letters SWIFT
Major enthusiast 7 letters FANATIC
___ acid (chemical compound in lemons) 6 letters CITRIC
Smashed topping for toast 7 letters AVOCADO
___ and the Bee 7 letters AKEELAH
Places to roll the dice 7 letters CASINOS
Silent performer 4 letters MIME
Deep-cover spy 4 letters MOLE
One of Canada’s official languages (Abbr.) 3 letters ENG
___ in (stuck during a blizzard) 6 letters SNOWED
Runaway Bride actor Richard 4 letters GERE
Chowed down 3 letters ATE
Bathroom in Brisbane 3 letters LOO
Snug as a bug in a ___ 3 letters RUG
With cunning 5 letters SLYLY
Reacting to a dreamboat 8 letters SWOONING
Not dim 7 letters WELLLIT
Noodle and the ___ Day (book about a floppy pug) 7 letters NOBONES
Container that Winnie the Pooh gets his head stuck in 8 letters HONEYPOT
Shrek and Fiona for example 5 letters OGRES
Possible response to tu aimes les mots croises? 3 letters OUI
Period 3 letters ERA
Translation of 43-Across 3 letters YES
Name equivalent to Oleg 4 letters OLGA
Fit in 6 letters BELONG
I’m thinking very hard about this . . . 3 letters HMM
The windows to the soul it’s said 4 letters EYES
Parts of cars and glasses 4 letters RIMS
Pop star who is an Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo 7 letters RITAORA
Don’t be sad! 7 letters CHEERUP
Alternative to gel 7 letters PRESSON
___ the Hun 6 letters ATTILA
Wetlands with reeds 7 letters MARSHES
Something worth something 5 letters ASSET
Offer you shouldn’t accept 4 letters SCAM
Online encyclopedia for short 4 letters WIKI
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Final stroke in an individual medley 9 letters FREESTYLE
___ next time! 3 letters TIL
Planking position 8 letters FACEDOWN
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Spot for a stud 4 letters NOSE
Getting 100% on 5 letters ACING
Relatives of clementines 10 letters TANGERINES
Wedding answer 3 letters IDO
Sin ___ tan (trigonometry trio) 3 letters COS
Green-and-brown pattern for short 4 letters CAMO
Wail 4 letters HOWL
Some people born in August 4 letters LEOS
Whoa ___! 5 letters NELLY
Mystical letters 5 letters RUNES
They’re poached to make shakshuka 4 letters EGGS
It might be pulled during finals week 10 letters ALLNIGHTER
City in Crying in H Mart 5 letters SEOUL
Coyote noise 3 letters YIP
Abbreviation in an away-from-work message 3 letters OOO
Provider of reproductive care 5 letters OBGYN
I’d do it again! 9 letters NOREGRETS
Excited exclamation 4 letters WHOO
Cat’s paw pads 8 letters TOEBEANS
Three-pointer 4 letters TREY
Smart ___ (know-it-all) 4 letters ALEC
Build up 5 letters AMASS
Org. that conducts workplace inspections 4 letters OSHA
Dance in a pit 4 letters MOSH
Bearded ___ (flower) 4 letters IRIS
Pack animal 4 letters MULE
Minor quarrel 4 letters SPAT
Spinning speed stat 3 letters RPM
401(k) alternative 3 letters IRA
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
Travel stat 3 letters ETA

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