USA Today Crossword May 27 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 27 2023 Answers:

Nail polish type cured under a UV lamp 3 letters GEL
Story with a moral 5 letters FABLE
Art whose performers sometimes wear hip pads 4 letters DRAG
No idea here 9 letters IMATALOSS
___ yourselves! 5 letters BRACE
Fancily dressed 9 letters GUSSIEDUP
Had a total cost of 5 letters RANTO
Worth 5 letters VALUE
Ill will 6 letters RANCOR
Significant other 3 letters BAE
Truly wild! 11 letters ITSSHOCKING
Heart or skin 5 letters ORGAN
Ham ___ (flavorer of collards) 4 letters HOCK
Kool Moe ___ 3 letters DEE
Informal language 5 letters SLANG
Flew in a curved path 5 letters ARCED
Banana or Sexy Banana for example 7 letters COSTUME
Comedian’s I’m being serious 7 letters NOTABIT
Blotches 5 letters SPOTS
Eye shadow applicator 5 letters BRUSH
___ up (absorb) 3 letters SOP
Whaaat! 4 letters WOAH
Mother’s brother 5 letters UNCLE
HBO show starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey 11 letters THELASTOFUS
Tab or Esc 3 letters KEY
Clothing 6 letters ATTIRE
From now ___ / Forever / And ever my darling (Mariah Carey lyrics) 5 letters UNTIL
Minded one way or another 5 letters CARED
Squad with choreographed routines 9 letters DANCETEAM
Necklace annoyances 5 letters KNOTS
Find out what people are saying 9 letters ASKAROUND
Grain storage structure 4 letters SILO
Mall tenants 5 letters SHOPS
Faux ___ 3 letters PAS
Band’s booking 3 letters GIG
Big bird in Australia 3 letters EMU
City with concert residencies 8 letters LASVEGAS
Getting ahead despite poor performance 14 letters FAILINGUPWARDS
Language also known as Unangam Tunuu 5 letters ALEUT
Foreshadows 5 letters BODES
Baton Rouge school 3 letters LSU
Sixth sense 3 letters ESP
Sipped or gulped 5 letters DRANK
Rotten and smelly 6 letters RANCID
Play’s first section 6 letters ACTONE
___ Washington Carver 6 letters GEORGE
Airport org. 3 letters TSA
Major upsets in March Madness 14 letters BRACKETBUSTERS
How is ___ gonna eat that cookie Zoe? Tell Elmo! ___ doesn’t even have a mouth! 5 letters ROCCO
Pear type 4 letters BOSC
Singer Parks or Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
___ cha sauce 3 letters SHA
Car’s honker 4 letters HORN
Marching insects 4 letters ANTS
Aw heck! 4 letters DARN
Animal with velvety antlers 5 letters MOOSE
Coup d’___ (government overthrow) 4 letters ETAT
Hold on to your butts! 8 letters BUCKLEUP
Ocean landmass 4 letters ISLE
Gender-neutral pronoun 4 letters THEY
Yellowjackets channel for short 3 letters SHO
Piles of books 6 letters STACKS
2023 World Baseball Classic MVP Shohei 6 letters OHTANI
Car fuel in Britain 6 letters PETROL
Mislead 5 letters LIETO
Toy company with bigheaded Pops 5 letters FUNKO
Open like a pen 5 letters UNCAP
Midori ___ first woman to land a triple axel in competition 3 letters ITO
___ Kapital 3 letters DAS
Incense residue 3 letters ASH
Actress ___ de Armas 3 letters ANA
Degrees for doctors 3 letters MDS

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