USA Today Crossword May 26 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 26 2023 Answers:

Distorts beyond recognition 5 letters WARPS
___ como estas? 4 letters HOLA
Kindergartner’s golden reward 4 letters STAR
Go ahead see if ___! 5 letters ICARE
Enthusiastic 4 letters AVID
Like pastel colors 4 letters PALE
Throw out 5 letters SCRAP
Fan’s unconfirmed interpretation of a character or story 9 letters HEADCANON
Constructs 6 letters ERECTS
Get out of bed 4 letters RISE
Yeah I ___ that a lot 3 letters GET
Strong desire 4 letters LUST
Throw out 4 letters TOSS
An ___ to Bats (Gertrude Sturdle poem) 3 letters ODE
Snow monster 4 letters YETI
Performed in a scene 5 letters ACTED
Really bugs 4 letters IRKS
Girl in Spanish 5 letters CHICA
Deep narrow valley 6 letters RAVINE
Capital city on the Mediterranean 13 letters BEIRUTLEBANON
Upper-right icon on a shopping website 4 letters CART
___’s Pieces 5 letters REESE
Grocery payment method 3 letters EBT
Extra 5 letters BONUS
Poles for sails 5 letters MASTS
Sounds good! 4 letters IMIN
Voicemail sound 4 letters BEEP
Hawaiian dance 4 letters HULA
H.S. exams for college credit 3 letters APS
The Wretched of the Earth author 11 letters FRANTZFANON
Musician like Nikhil Banerjee 8 letters SITARIST
AirPod for example 6 letters EARBUD
Simple and stylish 7 letters ELEGANT
Untroubled 6 letters ATEASE
Untroubled 6 letters SERENE
Windowsills for example 6 letters LEDGES
Choose ___! 6 letters WISELY
Accumulate over time 6 letters ACCRUE
Most uncommon 6 letters RAREST
Dress rehearsal 11 letters PRACTICERUN
Birth mo. for many Virgos 4 letters SEPT
Funny! 3 letters HAH
What Home of the world’s best pizza! most likely is 13 letters OVERSTATEMENT
Act as a go-between 6 letters LIAISE
Goes on to say 4 letters ADDS
Place with luxurious treatments 3 letters SPA
2015 movie whose title is a fruit 9 letters TANGERINE
___ vera 4 letters ALOE
Monthly expense 4 letters RENT
Head of a company 3 letters CEO
Step between floors 5 letters STAIR
Happen 5 letters OCCUR
Iconic female singer 4 letters DIVA
Word after slinky or babydoll 5 letters DRESS
Turnable control 4 letters KNOB
Mailed 4 letters SENT
Successful songs 4 letters HITS
Aid and ___ 4 letters ABET
Staircase rail 8 letters BANISTER
Sprang 5 letters LEAPT
Put together 7 letters COMPILE
Inclinations that affect decision-making 6 letters BIASES
Showed generosity 6 letters SHARED
Salty solution for soaking food 5 letters BRINE
Direction from Ethiopia to Somalia 4 letters EAST
Remove from a sack 5 letters UNBAG
Scalp bug 5 letters LOUSE
South American mountain range 5 letters ANDES
Second word of a rhyming nickname for a Bay Area city 4 letters FRAN
Enthusiasm 4 letters ZEAL
Unavoidable future 4 letters FATE
Tree rings are used to measure it 3 letters AGE

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