USA Today Crossword May 25 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword May 25 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword May 25 2023 Answers:

Get your ___ together 3 letters ACT
Org. that issues Forever Stamps 4 letters USPS
Bundle of hay 4 letters BALE
Luau dance 4 letters HULA
Bamboo sprout 5 letters SHOOT
Psyche components 4 letters EGOS
Part of a baseball cap 4 letters BRIM
Verbally drawing attention to 10 letters CALLINGOUT
Desert pack animal 5 letters CAMEL
Nigerian bean pudding 6 letters MOIMOI
___-C phone charger 3 letters USB
Honest president 3 letters ABE
Books for adolescents 7 letters TEENLIT
Spongy South Asian rice cakes 5 letters IDLIS
Georgia’s capital for short 3 letters ATL
Once-___-lifetime opportunity 3 letters INA
___ a peek 5 letters SNEAK
Make a mistake 3 letters ERR
Kowloon ___ Kong 4 letters HONG
Speak in ASL 4 letters SIGN
GPA-boosting course 5 letters EASYA
Vending machine bills 4 letters ONES
Omelet ingredients 4 letters EGGS
Utah’s capital for short 3 letters SLC
___ trail (cloud from an airplane) 5 letters VAPOR
Author Tan 3 letters AMY
The Ottawa Senators play in it 3 letters NHL
Sans-___ font 5 letters SERIF
Criticize through satire 7 letters LAMPOON
Pampering for short 3 letters TLC
Jam container 3 letters JAR
Really really try 6 letters STRIVE
Fry quickly 5 letters SAUTE
First track on Beyonce’s Renaissance 10 letters IMTHATGIRL
Much-admired person 4 letters IDOL
Biting pest 4 letters FLEA
Fleecy animals 5 letters SHEEP
Much more than a few 4 letters MANY
Distort 4 letters SKEW
Some basketball shots 4 letters TWOS
___/her 3 letters SHE
Mystical light fields 5 letters AURAS
Place for indoor bouldering 11 letters CLIMBINGGYM
Not wild 4 letters TAME
L.A. school 3 letters USC
Makes feel guilty 6 letters SHAMES
Shirt with a collar 4 letters POLO
Alone 8 letters SOLITARY
Get started 5 letters BEGIN
Many moons ___ 3 letters AGO
The ___ (nickname for STL) 3 letters LOU
Hartford time zone for short 3 letters EST
Spelman or Bowie State 4 letters HBCU
Cause of some paradoxes in science fiction 10 letters TIMETRAVEL
The First ___ (Christmas song) 4 letters NOEL
In ___ land (not in touch with reality) 4 letters LALA
Tight knee-length bottoms 10 letters BIKESHORTS
Rastafari symbol 11 letters LIONOFJUDAH
Not external 5 letters INNER
Luggage identifiers 4 letters TAGS
Hideouts for bears 4 letters DENS
Greek letter S 5 letters SIGMA
Exit full screen key 3 letters ESC
Northeastern Arizona people 4 letters HOPI
Make leakproof 4 letters SEAL
From dusk to dawn 8 letters ALLNIGHT
Rainbow shapes 4 letters ARCS
It’s ___ problem at all! 4 letters NOTA
Car’s music player 6 letters STEREO
Yeah right! 5 letters PSHAW
Right some wrongs 5 letters ATONE
Depend 4 letters RELY
Outlook 4 letters VIEW
Prepares to throw a dart 4 letters AIMS
What-___ (hypotheticals) 3 letters IFS
Letter From Birmingham Jail author for short 3 letters MLK
Shirt with no collar 3 letters TEE
Vinyl records 3 letters LPS

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