USA Today Crossword May 24 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword May 24 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword May 24 2023 Answers:

Pre-K lesson 4 letters ABCS
Doorway piece 4 letters JAMB
Think ___ (consider carefully) 5 letters TWICE
Onion or garlic 4 letters BULB
Savage of MythBusters 4 letters ADAM
Went backpacking perhaps 5 letters HIKED
Shock comic Eric 5 letters ANDRE
Confess openly 4 letters AVOW
1440 minutes 3 letters DAY
Endanger 4 letters RISK
Trevi Fountain’s country 5 letters ITALY
E? 9 letters ENDOFTIME
Cello cousin 5 letters VIOLA
___ Jovi (rock band) 3 letters BON
Artist Ono 4 letters YOKO
Concert settings 6 letters VENUES
Historic periods 4 letters ERAS
Ancient Japanese spy 5 letters NINJA
Clove hitch e.g. 4 letters KNOT
Approve as a law 6 letters RATIFY
Zesty flavor 4 letters TANG
Three thirds 3 letters ONE
Iota preceder 5 letters THETA
E? 9 letters RECCENTER
Touch or smell 5 letters SENSE
Vegas numbers game 4 letters KENO
Openly gay say 3 letters OUT
Giants manager Kapler 4 letters GABE
Amateurish 5 letters INEPT
Highly esteem 5 letters HONOR
It’s a ___ country 4 letters FREE
Name found in camaraderie 4 letters MARA
Word after snow or guardian 5 letters ANGEL
Boast slangily 4 letters FLEX
Award for Fleabag or Ted Lasso 4 letters EMMY
Voulez-Vous band 4 letters ABBA
You just got roasted! 4 letters BURN
Clump of clay 4 letters CLOD
Domino’s rival 6 letters SBARRO
Skull part 3 letters JAW
Anti-plaque org. 3 letters ADA
Hawke in Stranger Things 4 letters MAYA
Low-budget film such as I Was a Teenage Werewolf 6 letters BMOVIE
Crowd’s motion in a stadium 7 letters THEWAVE
Hit the fewest strokes in golf e.g. 3 letters WIN
Seriously! 10 letters IKIDYOUNOT
You can’t see me! wrestler 4 letters CENA
Like provocative art 4 letters EDGY
Revere as a god 5 letters DEIFY
Cannabis casually 3 letters POT
Unsympathetic 5 letters STONY
___’s Delivery Service (Studio Ghibli film) 4 letters KIKI
URL connection 4 letters LINK
Roger who said No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough 5 letters EBERT
Jones of jazz 5 letters NORAH
23andMe service 10 letters DNATESTING
___ Carlo 5 letters MONTE
Sierra ___ (Liberia neighbor) 5 letters LEONE
Hereditary director Ari 5 letters ASTER
Vivian on I Love Lucy 5 letters VANCE
YouTube or Yahoo 4 letters SITE
Lowest face card 4 letters JACK
Obsess over Doctor Who say 7 letters FANGIRL
Spirit in a bottle? 5 letters GENIE
Snub 6 letters REBUFF
Far from a celebrity 6 letters NONAME
Used a sofa 3 letters SAT
Workplace monitor org. 4 letters OSHA
Well-informed about 4 letters UPON
Noble title that’s also a name 4 letters EARL
Original Babybel cheese type 4 letters EDAM
Curly ‘do 4 letters PERM
Mess hall platter 4 letters TRAY
Apt letters missing from stu_ge_n _ggs 3 letters ROE
Jeans brand 3 letters LEE
Luthor in the Legion of Doom 3 letters LEX

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