USA Today Crossword May 23 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 23 2023 Answers:

The first a in aka 4 letters ALSO
___ Butter Baby (Ari Lennox album) 4 letters SHEA
Go up 4 letters RISE
Gleamed 5 letters SHONE
That’s a ___ order 4 letters TALL
Ruler in Qatar or Kuwait 4 letters EMIR
Formidable team 10 letters POWERHOUSE
Father to a baby 4 letters DADA
One-half base times height for a triangle 4 letters AREA
The Diary of a Young Girl author ___ Frank 4 letters ANNE
Take the bait 4 letters BITE
___ my words . . . 4 letters MARK
Allow 3 letters LET
Four-door cars 6 letters SEDANS
University instructor for short 4 letters PROF
Choose 3 letters OPT
___ off (cut away) 3 letters LOP
Veggie sometimes added to carbonara 3 letters PEA
Tennis great Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Greek letter before kappa 4 letters IOTA
Writer’s artistic freedom 13 letters POETICLICENSE
N95 or KF94 4 letters MASK
Parts of pianos 4 letters KEYS
University student instructors for short 3 letters TAS
Stuff in galleries 3 letters ART
Auction offer 3 letters BID
Theme park vehicle 4 letters TRAM
Slept for a bit 6 letters NAPPED
Eureka! 3 letters AHA
Oops! . . . ___ It Again 4 letters IDID
Additional 4 letters MORE
Toot your own horn 4 letters BRAG
Highest sudoku number 4 letters NINE
___ broth 4 letters BONE
Most spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere 10 letters PORTUGUESE
Sources of valuable metals 4 letters ORES
Sadly . . . 4 letters ALAS
Furry aquatic animal 5 letters OTTER
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Toy that goes up and down 4 letters YOYO
Word before drive or tube 4 letters TEST
Now in Spanish 5 letters AHORA
Decrease 5 letters LOWER
Quick preview 9 letters SNEAKPEEK
Opposite of ‘neath 3 letters OER
Showing no emotion 10 letters STONEFACED
This is gonna come back to ___ me 5 letters HAUNT
Something ___ entirely 4 letters ELSE
Medieval beverage 3 letters ALE
Redecorated 5 letters REDID
*shrug* 9 letters IMATALOSS
Unrelatedly . . . 8 letters SIDENOTE
Historical period 3 letters ERA
Unwanted emails 4 letters SPAM
Beyonce song with the lyric I got my angel now 4 letters HALO
Play roulette 3 letters BET
Design detail for short 4 letters SPEC
Business that might offer an LED facial 3 letters SPA
Dumpster visitor 3 letters RAT
Really now? 10 letters OHISTHATSO
Moved to a later time 9 letters POSTPONED
Sneaky 3 letters SLY
Soon! 9 letters INAMINUTE
Still Into You band 8 letters PARAMORE
Just joking! 4 letters IKID
Stat in which the A stands for arrival 3 letters ETA
Obie Is ___ Enough (Schuyler Bailar novel) 3 letters MAN
Spelling competition 3 letters BEE
Pasta sauce brand 4 letters RAGU
Leg ___ (quad exercise) 5 letters PRESS
Wide variety 5 letters ARRAY
Paleo keto etc. 5 letters DIETS
Small map within a large map 5 letters INSET
Bucks and fawns 4 letters DEER
New Mexico’s state tie 4 letters BOLO
Archer’s item 3 letters BOW
___ transparency 3 letters PAY
Obtained 3 letters GOT

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