USA Today Crossword May 22 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 22 2023 Answers:

Word that follows 15-Down 5 letters ASADA
Manhattan neighborhood 4 letters SOHO
Drag queen Bianca ___ Rio 3 letters DEL
Palindromic car model 5 letters CIVIC
Believe diva 4 letters CHER
Formally hand over 4 letters CEDE
Verb in a challah recipe 5 letters KNEAD
Has debts 4 letters OWES
Sneaker brand 4 letters AVIA
2003 movie that builds up to a battle of the bands 12 letters SCHOOLOFROCK
Ocean vessel 4 letters SHIP
Lemme also add . . . in a text 3 letters BTW
Togetherness 5 letters UNITY
___ dragon (Indonesian lizard) 6 letters KOMODO
Had a meal 5 letters DINED
American game company with a Japanese name 5 letters ATARI
Blue cartoon creature 5 letters SMURF
Gift box of necessities and comfort items 11 letters CAREPACKAGE
Browned bread 5 letters TOAST
Soothes 5 letters CALMS
Acquires 5 letters GAINS
Tablet tapping accessory 6 letters STYLUS
Took without asking 5 letters STOLE
Roadwork substance 3 letters TAR
Part of a daily tear-away calendar 4 letters PAGE
What Moses Fleetwood Walker and Jackie Robinson broke 12 letters COLORBARRIER
Thor’s dad 4 letters ODIN
___ Republic of Egypt 4 letters ARAB
Minor squabbles 5 letters TIFFS
Cover with concrete 4 letters PAVE
Very small 4 letters TINY
Love dearly 5 letters ADORE
Organ connected to the optic nerve 3 letters EYE
Talk back to 4 letters SASS
Bye-eee! 5 letters SEEYA
Cathy exclamation 3 letters ACK
Act immorally 3 letters SIN
Wide road (Abbr.) 3 letters AVE
Group living outside an ancestral homeland 8 letters DIASPORA
Band with a lightning bolt in its logo 4 letters ACDC
___ over! (Make room!) 5 letters SCOOT
Well that’s a surprise 5 letters OHWOW
Back of a boot 4 letters HEEL
. . . ish 4 letters ORSO
___ of (completely lacking) 6 letters DEVOID
Royal proclamation 5 letters EDICT
Like a broken pen 5 letters LEAKY
Spanish for meat 5 letters CARNE
Station Eleven network 3 letters HBO
Here’s a little tidbit of trivia . . . 7 letters FUNFACT
The Specials genre 3 letters SKA
Like a pan right out of the oven 3 letters HOT
Apple desktop computer 4 letters IMAC
More filthy 7 letters DIRTIER
___ tape 4 letters DUCT
Really bug 3 letters IRK
Resorts with saunas 4 letters SPAS
More in Spanish 3 letters MAS
Geological time span 3 letters EON
Annual commemoration of the Stonewall riots 8 letters GAYPRIDE
Boo’d Up singer ___ Mai 4 letters ELLA
Cup for cocoa 3 letters MUG
Direction opposite NNW 3 letters SSE
Start a Twitch stream 6 letters GOLIVE
All by yourself 5 letters ALONE
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Suffix for micro or tele 5 letters SCOPE
No more procrastinating! 5 letters TODAY
___ rights are human rights 5 letters TRANS
Roast beef sandwich chain 5 letters ARBYS
Has a turn at home plate 4 letters BATS
Opera solo 4 letters ARIA
Airport estimates 4 letters ETAS
Enemy 3 letters FOE
Verb in a latke recipe 3 letters FRY
Body of salt water 3 letters SEA

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