USA Today Crossword May 21 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 21 2023 Answers:

Number one 4 letters BEST
Utilizes 4 letters USES
Friend to exchange letters with 6 letters PENPAL
Essay cue 6 letters PROMPT
Northern European country whose capital is Tallinn 7 letters ESTONIA
Westie’s way in 7 letters DOGDOOR
The Mother Church of Black Catholics 11 letters STAUGUSTINE
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Hoity-___ 5 letters TOITY
___ fu 4 letters KUNG
Four Women singer Simone 4 letters NINA
Barn or barred birds 4 letters OWLS
Picked-out hairstyle 4 letters AFRO
Imitated a pigeon 5 letters COOED
Part of a door or a drawer 4 letters KNOB
___ good! 6 letters SOUNDS
March on Washington organizer 12 letters BAYARDRUSTIN
Greek myth-inspired term for a hot guy 6 letters ADONIS
Something paid back with interest 4 letters LOAN
Work with a thimble 3 letters SEW
Stays away from 5 letters SHUNS
Remaining 4 letters LEFT
Nahongvita! language 4 letters HOPI
Prefix similar to super- 4 letters MEGA
Unit of currency 4 letters CENT
Rocklike 5 letters SOLID
Chances ___ . . . 3 letters ARE
1979 hit by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers 11 letters BUSTINLOOSE
Ties 7 letters TETHERS
Version of a book 7 letters EDITION
I’ll definitely keep that ___ 6 letters INMIND
They’re made when making things right 6 letters AMENDS
Do a PCR 4 letters TEST
Slight advantage 4 letters EDGE
Impart 6 letters BESTOW
Involve 6 letters ENTAIL
Parts of teapots 6 letters SPOUTS
Like the taste of injera 5 letters TANGY
Strongly advise 4 letters URGE
Landscaper’s roll 3 letters SOD
Curiosity or contentment 7 letters EMOTION
Cuddled like silverware 7 letters SPOONED
Green pasta sauce 5 letters PESTO
Actress Lucy 3 letters LIU
Ping-___ 4 letters PONG
Sole grooves 6 letters TREADS
Request 6 letters ASKFOR
T. rex or triceratops for short 4 letters DINO
Rocky 9 letters TURBULENT
Person place or thing grammatically 4 letters NOUN
No ifs ___ buts or maybes 4 letters ANDS
Meter item 4 letters COIN
Kringle or Kristofferson 4 letters KRIS
Assists per set for example 4 letters STAT
Long-grain rice variety 7 letters BASMATI
Follower 8 letters ADHERENT
I feel seen 8 letters YOUGETME
Name that’s the same forward and backward 4 letters ANNA
Big ___ (teddy bear at heart) 6 letters SOFTIE
Performing alone 7 letters SOLOING
TV pilot for example 7 letters EPISODE
Gets broader 6 letters WIDENS
Not as frequently 4 letters LESS
Imitated an owl 6 letters HOOTED
Word after lemon or bean 4 letters CURD
Snail stuff 5 letters SLIME
Crooked 4 letters BENT
Confidentiality contract 3 letters NDA
What’s-___-face 3 letters HIS

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