USA Today Crossword May 20 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword May 20 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword May 20 2023 Answers:

Greenish aquarium buildup 5 letters ALGAE
Easter meats 4 letters HAMS
Incidentally in a text 3 letters BTW
Helmsley known for the quote We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes 5 letters LEONA
O Magazine founder 5 letters OPRAH
Dazzled feeling 3 letters AWE
Reason for some picket lines 11 letters LABORSTRIKE
Controlled Substances Act org. 3 letters DEA
Counterpart of 58-Across 3 letters DNA
Bit of skin art for short 3 letters TAT
Shoulder-to-hip accessories 6 letters SASHES
Georgia’s capital (Abbr.) 3 letters ATL
Biggest winner at the casino 5 letters HOUSE
Journalist ___ Sawyer 5 letters DIANE
Sing high and low 5 letters YODEL
Pow! 3 letters BAM
Son of Adam and Eve 4 letters ABEL
Body part used to create Eve 3 letters RIB
Electrical safety device 4 letters FUSE
E-file agcy. 3 letters IRS
Ice cream parlor order 11 letters BANANASPLIT
To what do I ___ the pleasure? 3 letters OWE
Equipment 4 letters GEAR
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO
Old-school Cool! 4 letters NEAT
Ride the bench 3 letters SIT
Go on in 5 letters ENTER
Gradually diminished 5 letters WANED
Acronymic sneaker brand 5 letters ASICS
Genetic messenger 3 letters RNA
Venue for a painting class 6 letters ARTLAB
Part of a pingpong setup 3 letters NET
And so on (Abbr.) 3 letters ETC
Carnival city for short 3 letters RIO
Gap between completion and a deadline 11 letters TIMETOSPARE
Dawn droplets 3 letters DEW
Run off to get hitched 5 letters ELOPE
Opposite of chaos 5 letters ORDER
ID no. used to e-file 3 letters SSN
Laundry batch 4 letters LOAD
___ around (snoops) 5 letters NOSES
From dawn to dusk 6 letters ALLDAY
Simple shelter 6 letters LEANTO
Start shaving up top 6 letters GOBALD
I’ll take that as ___ 3 letters ANO
Human to an extraterrestrial 9 letters EARTHLING
Jacuzzi 6 letters HOTTUB
Spring mo. 3 letters APR
Hospital scan 3 letters MRI
Nordstrom competitor 4 letters SAKS
Something that’s good to break 8 letters BADHABIT
Through-the-legs tennis shot 7 letters TWEENER
Untrustworthy sorts 7 letters WEASELS
Noggin 4 letters HEAD
___ Paulo Brazil 3 letters SAO
Where We Once Belonged novelist Figiel 3 letters SIA
Mfuwe Lodge trips 7 letters SAFARIS
Birds with big eggs 4 letters EMUS
Time period 3 letters ERA
Term of endearment 3 letters BAE
Pampering place 3 letters SPA
Bronny to LeBron and Savannah 9 letters ELDESTSON
Nickname for Boston 8 letters BEANTOWN
Apollo program org. 4 letters NASA
Particle with a positive or negative charge 3 letters ION
___ and upwards! 7 letters ONWARDS
Gets tired 7 letters WEARIES
___ Aviv Israel 3 letters TEL
Like some windows and moisturizers 6 letters TINTED
Tire features 6 letters TREADS
Main course 6 letters ENTREE
Indy 500 drivers 6 letters RACERS
Iftar fruit 4 letters DATE
Corporate VIP 3 letters CEO
Banknote 4 letters BILL
Cattle call 3 letters MOO
Clean Air Act org. 3 letters EPA
Expert 3 letters PRO

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