USA Today Crossword May 19 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 19 2023 Answers:

Pick up like a barbell 4 letters LIFT
Something people might be tagged in on social media 5 letters PHOTO
Tailless primate 3 letters APE
Airplane walkway 5 letters AISLE
Chill out 5 letters RELAX
Pie ___ mode 3 letters ALA
Family-friendly stand-up 11 letters CLEANCOMEDY
Golf course standard 3 letters PAR
Dark circle reducer 6 letters EYEGEL
Successes at the gym 5 letters GAINS
Wasp’s attack 5 letters STING
LGBTQ dating app 3 letters HER
Get older 3 letters AGE
Competition with mud and obstacles 11 letters SPARTANRACE
Allspice-flavored liqueur 4 letters DRAM
Actors with top billing 5 letters STARS
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Toy company that makes Ninjago sets 4 letters LEGO
Bitter beer for short 3 letters IPA
Nine-___ battery 4 letters VOLT
Celebrity couple 4 letters ITEM
What a snoozefest 5 letters HOHUM
Great Lake near Buffalo 4 letters ERIE
It’s the least you can do 11 letters BAREMINIMUM
Grandma in the U.K. 3 letters NAN
Game of Thrones patriarch Stark 3 letters NED
Social worker’s workload 5 letters CASES
Try a bite of 5 letters TASTE
Natural gas component 6 letters ETHANE
Mined resource 3 letters ORE
Cleveland newspaper 11 letters PLAINDEALER
Anglerfish’s habitat 3 letters SEA
Utensil for serving punch 5 letters LADLE
Drive-through request 5 letters ORDER
Took a stool 3 letters SAT
Glorify 5 letters EXALT
___ between the lines 4 letters READ
Flower on a pad 4 letters LILY
Got it! 4 letters ISEE
Banners waved at Olympics opening ceremonies 5 letters FLAGS
Core beliefs 6 letters TENETS
Paid athlete 3 letters PRO
Bottom of a skirt 3 letters HEM
Nice save goalie! 3 letters OLE
Skosh 3 letters TAD
Element carried by hemoglobin 6 letters OXYGEN
___ Heritage Month (May) 4 letters AAPI
Prepare for the future 4 letters PLAN
Units on a cornstalk 4 letters EARS
Team’s top pitcher 3 letters ACE
Chip bag accessories 5 letters CLIPS
Show up 6 letters ARRIVE
Guatemala or Guinea 6 letters NATION
Word before novel or tee 7 letters GRAPHIC
This ___ to stop! 3 letters HAS
Go off script 5 letters ADLIB
Activist Thunberg 5 letters GRETA
Psyched to get going 5 letters EAGER
Emotional injury 6 letters TRAUMA
Cover in decorations 5 letters ADORN
Broadway star ___ Rose Gooding 5 letters CELIA
Consumed 5 letters EATEN
Little bit of time 6 letters MOMENT
Stayed out of sight 3 letters HID
Thought out loud 5 letters MUSED
Human-shaped board game piece 6 letters MEEPLE
Shooting star 6 letters METEOR
Don’t be a hog 5 letters SHARE
Gentle throw 4 letters TOSS
Length squared for a square 4 letters AREA
Spot on a bus 4 letters SEAT
M*A*S*H actor Alan 4 letters ALDA
Just have to have 4 letters NEED
Screw up 3 letters ERR
Opposite of strict 3 letters LAX
Abbr. on floss 3 letters ADA
___ be in touch 3 letters ILL
Badminton barrier 3 letters NET

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