USA Today Crossword May 18 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 18 2023 Answers:

GPS stat 3 letters ETA
Movie studio with a roaring mascot 3 letters MGM
Metaphor for a powerful singing voice 5 letters PIPES
___ to Call My Lover (Janet Jackson song) 7 letters SOMEONE
Interpreter of Maladies author Lahiri 6 letters JHUMPA
Nounself ___ (fae/faer bun/buns etc.) 8 letters PRONOUNS
Wept openly 6 letters SOBBED
Homes made of sticks 5 letters NESTS
Utah Native 3 letters UTE
Beg 5 letters PLEAD
Snaky fish 3 letters EEL
Approves 3 letters OKS
Irritates 4 letters IRKS
Love in Spanish 4 letters AMOR
Broadcasts on the internet 7 letters STREAMS
Occasion for eating longevity noodles 8 letters BIRTHDAY
Give 110% 6 letters GOHARD
The Gem State 5 letters IDAHO
Mama deer 3 letters DOE
Cropped haircut 5 letters PIXIE
Scrabble pieces 5 letters TILES
Hairstyle for Huey Freeman 4 letters AFRO
Giraffe’s notable feature 4 letters NECK
Droplets on grass 3 letters DEW
Infuriated 3 letters MAD
Utter delight 4 letters GLEE
Train for a bout 4 letters SPAR
Food for horses and guinea pigs 3 letters HAY
Ooh and ___ 3 letters AAH
Sushi orders made with yellowfin 9 letters TUNAROLLS
Lift 5 letters HOIST
Female friend in Spanish 5 letters AMIGA
Wisconsin city home to America’s Black Holocaust Museum 9 letters MILWAUKEE
What a majorette twirls 5 letters BATON
Not many 4 letters AFEW
Make airtight 4 letters SEAL
Belted out 4 letters SANG
Gross! 3 letters EWW
___ Grey tea 4 letters EARL
Sports channel 4 letters ESPN
Made a rip in 4 letters TORE
Wally known for his Famous cookies 4 letters AMOS
Maine’s state animal 5 letters MOOSE
Antelope with curved horns 3 letters GNU
List of options 4 letters MENU
Sleepover clothes for short 3 letters PJS
Breakfast chain 4 letters IHOP
Workplace for some editors 15 letters PUBLISHINGHOUSE
Glowing remnant of a fire 5 letters EMBER
Say something 5 letters SPEAK
Bruce Lee film with the quote My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting 14 letters ENTERTHEDRAGON
Mixes in 4 letters ADDS
This *always* happens to me 13 letters STORYOFMYLIFE
___ out a victory 3 letters EKE
Trippy drug 3 letters LSD
Become baggy 3 letters SAG
Not much 4 letters ABIT
Skirt length between mini and maxi 4 letters MIDI
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Look what I did! 4 letters TADA
Floor-cleaning tool 3 letters MOP
Garden-watering tool 4 letters HOSE
Figure skating jump 4 letters AXEL
Biryani grain 4 letters RICE
Ice hockey fakeout 4 letters DEKE
Notable time period 3 letters ERA
One Piece creator Eiichiro 3 letters ODA
___ am I kidding? 3 letters WHO
Wild guess 4 letters STAB
Mountain lions 5 letters PUMAS
Sweet Love singer Baker 5 letters ANITA
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
I knew it! 3 letters AHA
___ a bell (sounded familiar) 4 letters RANG
Large amount 4 letters SLEW
Furniture chain 4 letters IKEA
Singe 4 letters SEAR
Go ___ It on the Mountain (James Baldwin novel) 4 letters TELL
Part of a URL 3 letters WWW

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