USA Today Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

High school corridors 5 letters HALLS
You’ve got mail co. 3 letters AOL
Cash dispensers 4 letters ATMS
Run-of-the-mill 5 letters USUAL
Maryland seafood specialty 4 letters CRAB
Comedian Trevor 4 letters NOAH
Island nation near Sicily 5 letters MALTA
Biblical wise men 4 letters MAGI
Explorer called Dasha the Pathfinder in Russian 4 letters DORA
Moment that goes by quickly 11 letters SPLITSECOND
Family 3 letters KIN
Pickleball court divider 3 letters NET
I’ve hit the mother ___! 4 letters LODE
Crumb-carrying insect 3 letters ANT
Beef star Wong 3 letters ALI
When baseball’s regular season starts 10 letters OPENINGDAY
Blaine for the ___ (queer YA novel by Robbie Couch) 3 letters WIN
Sad to say . . . 4 letters ALAS
___ beans (pads on a cat’s foot) 3 letters TOE
Upper-left PC key 3 letters ESC
Unopened 3 letters NEW
Clearly declared 6 letters STATED
Every now and ___ 4 letters THEN
Snaky fish 3 letters EEL
British tavern 3 letters PUB
Time taken off between high school and college 7 letters GAPYEAR
If I Were a ___ (Beyonce song) 3 letters BOY
Olympic martial art 4 letters JUDO
Olive or avocado product 3 letters OIL
Scant and scattered 6 letters SPARSE
Will do! 4 letters ONIT
Era of exploration beyond Earth 8 letters SPACEAGE
Person whose pants are on fire figuratively 4 letters LIAR
Huge saga 4 letters EPIC
Rental agreement 5 letters LEASE
The Bluest Eye author Morrison 4 letters TONI
Philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
Go in 5 letters ENTER
Food benefits acronym 4 letters SNAP
Tournament ranking 4 letters SEED
None of the above choice 5 letters OTHER
Sings without singing 4 letters HUMS
Stat! 4 letters ASAP
Downtime 4 letters LULL
In varietate concordia language 5 letters LATIN
Old-fashioned blackboard material 5 letters SLATE
Tippy-top 4 letters ACME
Prophets 7 letters ORACLES
Shallow body of water 6 letters LAGOON
& 3 letters AND
Drew in air to calm down 15 letters TOOKADEEPBREATH
Boating site 6 letters MARINA
Sailor’s song 6 letters SHANTY
Forehead adornment placed on the sixth chakra 5 letters BINDI
Took illegally 5 letters STOLE
Tooth-related insurance type 6 letters DENTAL
Amazement 3 letters AWE
Grocery shopper’s memory aid 4 letters LIST
Twelfth of a foot 4 letters INCH
Pup’s foot 3 letters PAW
Understood 3 letters GOT
Frozen princess 4 letters ANNA
Mermaid’s home 3 letters SEA
Short and blunt 5 letters TERSE
Pairs 4 letters DUOS
Self-indulgent endeavor 7 letters EGOTRIP
Later! 3 letters BYE
Wannabes 6 letters POSERS
Hooray! 6 letters YIPPEE
Seinfeld character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus 6 letters ELAINE
Startles suddenly 5 letters JOLTS
Workers’ group 5 letters UNION
Upside Down singer Ross 5 letters DIANA
Caveman diet 5 letters PALEO
FBI operative 5 letters AGENT
Included on an email 4 letters CCED
Glimpse 3 letters SEE
Goof up 3 letters ERR

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