USA Today Crossword March 26 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword March 26 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

USA Today Crossword March 26 2023 Answers:

Intelligence org. that Edward Snowden worked for 3 letters NSA
Untruthful person 4 letters LIAR
Phone download 3 letters APP
Vote into office 5 letters ELECT
World capital with a Viking Ship Museum 4 letters OSLO
Zero 3 letters NIL
Nautical command to pay attention 11 letters NOWHEARTHIS
Pollo ___ diabla 3 letters ALA
Medicine label info 4 letters DOSE
Help! 3 letters SOS
Urge forward 5 letters EGGON
Dax breakup song of 2020 12 letters MYHEARTHURTS
Chaotic brawl 5 letters MELEE
A New Argentina musical 5 letters EVITA
Part of a student’s load 5 letters CLASS
Woodworker’s tool 5 letters CLAMP
Business school degree 3 letters MBA
Inquire 3 letters ASK
Designer the Devil wears in a movie title 5 letters PRADA
Sheesh! 3 letters MAN
Casual top 3 letters TEE
Harbor vessels 5 letters BOATS
Phone notification 5 letters ALERT
That’s disgusting! 5 letters GROSS
Walks in shallow water 5 letters WADES
Device for tossing javelins 12 letters SPEARTHROWER
Goes after prey 5 letters HUNTS
Maker of Funny Bunny nail polish 3 letters OPI
Delighted 4 letters GLAD
Who ___ you wearing? 3 letters ARE
Defuse a tense situation 11 letters CLEARTHEAIR
Pastor’s title for short 3 letters REV
Singer Belafonte 5 letters HARRY
Actor’s remark to the audience 5 letters ASIDE
Little round legume 3 letters PEA
___ the night before Christmas . . . 4 letters TWAS
Scatter everywhere 5 letters STREW
The latest 4 letters NEWS
Devious plots 7 letters SCHEMES
Had a nosh 3 letters ATE
___ luck! 5 letters LOTSA
. . . sorta 3 letters ISH
Fresh Prince actress Tatyana 3 letters ALI
Floral fruit used in some herbal teas 7 letters ROSEHIP
Turned dormitory into dirty room 10 letters ANAGRAMMED
Steer a plane 5 letters PILOT
Health insurance choices 5 letters PLANS
Wrap up 3 letters END
Bathroom to a Brit 3 letters LOO
Residue from burning 3 letters ASH
Eggs on a poke bowl 3 letters ROE
___ check (honest assessment) 3 letters GUT
Agreeable answer 3 letters YES
Enjoys a novel 5 letters READS
The White Lotus rating 4 letters TVMA
Exam for a future doc 4 letters MCAT
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Swiss body of water 10 letters LAKEGENEVA
Computer failure 5 letters CRASH
Muscle worked in a pulldown for short 3 letters LAT
Unclothed 4 letters BARE
Unwanted picnic visitors 4 letters ANTS
Social media update 4 letters POST
Sour beet soup 7 letters BORSCHT
Sense of wonder 3 letters AWE
Like the blue whale out of all animals 7 letters LARGEST
Snitch 3 letters RAT
Flat’s musical counterpart 5 letters SHARP
Baby food often 5 letters PUREE
Laughs extra hard 5 letters ROARS
Grand Ole ___ 4 letters OPRY
Clever humor 3 letters WIT
Villain’s hideout 4 letters LAIR
Politician’s assistant 4 letters AIDE
Teen detective Nancy 4 letters DREW
What a bill may become 3 letters LAW
Important time period 3 letters ERA
A New Day ___ Come (Celine Dion song) 3 letters HAS

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