USA Today Crossword June 4 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 4 2023 Answers:

Aloe ___ 4 letters VERA
J. Jonah Jameson often smokes one 5 letters CIGAR
Stomach muscles 3 letters ABS
Country west of Pakistan 4 letters IRAN
Don’t I look like a ___ Berry poster? (Missy Elliott lyric) 5 letters HALLE
Ringlet of hair 4 letters CURL
Time right before a deadline 10 letters LASTMINUTE
Ohh 4 letters ISEE
Sales pitch 5 letters SPIEL
Like a wunderkind 8 letters TALENTED
___ Twist (Charles Dickens novel) 6 letters OLIVER
Battery fluids 5 letters ACIDS
Formal outfit 3 letters TUX
Possess 3 letters OWN
Smiles 5 letters GRINS
Grilled Italian sandwiches 7 letters PANINIS
It’s a Philly thing 4 letters JAWN
___ shop (seller of wedding dresses) 6 letters BRIDAL
Cuisine with hummus and sfouf 8 letters LEBANESE
The Devil 5 letters SATAN
Unopened flower 3 letters BUD
Horizontal line on a graph 5 letters XAXIS
Postcolonial Love Poem author Diaz 7 letters NATALIE
Waterproof sheet 4 letters TARP
Small salamander 4 letters NEWT
Give permission 5 letters ALLOW
Let’s do it! 4 letters IMIN
Savings plan type 3 letters IRA
$1000000 for short 3 letters MIL
Attempt anew 4 letters REDO
Unable to stop watching 9 letters ENTRANCED
Truck rental brand 5 letters UHAUL
Singapore or the Vatican 9 letters CITYSTATE
Person born Oct. 20 for example 5 letters LIBRA
Acceptances 5 letters YESES
Number in golf 3 letters PAR
Like a wunderkind 5 letters YOUNG
Cruella de ___ 3 letters VIL
Stages of history 4 letters ERAS
Speak hoarsely 4 letters RASP
Vitamin C or E for example 11 letters ANTIOXIDANT
Spicy condiment 8 letters CHILIOIL
Name equivalent to John 3 letters IAN
Celiac disease trigger 6 letters GLUTEN
Church platform 5 letters ALTAR
Blooper ___ 4 letters REEL
Capital of Texas 6 letters AUSTIN
Dog types 6 letters BREEDS
Rides in a toboggan 5 letters SLEDS
Home to Skyline Chili 14 letters CINCINNATIOHIO
First name of two Spice Girls 3 letters MEL
Cerumen 6 letters EARWAX
Jettas and Beetles 3 letters VWS
Jenna Ortega’s Scream character 4 letters TARA
Kilogram for example 4 letters UNIT
Talk a lot 3 letters GAB
Channel that aired Arthur 3 letters PBS
Grandmother’s nickname 4 letters NANA
Organization in Star Wars 9 letters JEDIORDER
Period of inactivity 4 letters LULL
Something overseen by a proctor 4 letters EXAM
iPhone assistant 4 letters SIRI
NBA Today channel 4 letters ESPN
Brewers hat 7 letters BALLCAP
Contaminate 5 letters TAINT
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Nickname for Denise 5 letters NIECY
Bert and ___ 5 letters ERNIE
Lightbulb stat 5 letters WATTS
What kilograms measure 4 letters MASS
___ noted! 4 letters DULY
White wheat or ___ 3 letters RYE
Projection in a rideshare app 3 letters ETA
___ Dhabi 3 letters ABU
Large vase 3 letters URN
Time delay 3 letters LAG

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