USA Today Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Twirl 4 letters SPIN
Check out some deals 4 letters SHOP
Salad with greens eggs and bacon 4 letters COBB
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Flies like a condor 5 letters SOARS
Ethiopian gemstone 4 letters OPAL
Fusion food on a fried rice patty 10 letters SUSHIPIZZA
Turn to a puddle 4 letters MELT
Managed care grp. 3 letters HMO
Caveman diet 5 letters PALEO
Patches up 5 letters MENDS
Ancient Roman garments 5 letters TOGAS
Lead to 5 letters CAUSE
Chess turns 5 letters MOVES
Juicy Asian fruit 9 letters NASHIPEAR
Portentous signs 5 letters OMENS
Body part with billions of neurons 5 letters BRAIN
Movie FX 3 letters CGI
Piece of soap 3 letters BAR
Contents of a letter box 4 letters MAIL
Nobles above viscounts 5 letters EARLS
Negative social association 6 letters STIGMA
___ Moines 3 letters DES
Scallion relative 4 letters LEEK
Treats as an outsider 6 letters OTHERS
Exams for future attorneys 5 letters LSATS
Nicky’s wife on This Is Us 4 letters EDIE
Deeply regrets 4 letters RUES
Scalp pests 4 letters LICE
Nurture’s counterpart 6 letters NATURE
Tax-deferred nest egg 3 letters IRA
Yi in English 3 letters ONE
Instant base for miso soup 11 letters DASHIPOWDER
Toss into the mix 3 letters ADD
Gussy up 5 letters ADORN
___ mignon 5 letters FILET
Textile colorant 3 letters DYE
Dinner listings 5 letters MENUS
Serves dinner to 5 letters FEEDS
Robe accessory 4 letters SASH
San Marzano or Roma 10 letters PLUMTOMATO
Ugh whatever 10 letters IMSOOVERIT
No thanks 3 letters NAH
Planter fill 4 letters SOIL
It’s like mist but with pollutants 4 letters HAZE
Pasta for minestrone 4 letters ORZO
Awareness-raising ad 3 letters PSA
Arise in conversation 6 letters COMEUP
Highly confidential matter that like a billion people know about 10 letters OPENSECRET
Birds sacred to the Cherokee 10 letters BALDEAGLES
Club sandwiches’ shorter relatives 4 letters BLTS
Pampering places 4 letters SPAS
Skip me 5 letters IPASS
State with an annual lobster festival 5 letters MAINE
___ Zers 3 letters GEN
Bulls’ city for short 3 letters CHI
Chaotic crowds 4 letters MOBS
Bulls’ league 3 letters NBA
Very dry climatewise 4 letters ARID
Store event 4 letters SALE
Jeopardize 4 letters RISK
Tenderizing liquid 8 letters MARINADE
Sad to say . . . 4 letters ALAS
Biryani butter 4 letters GHEE
Pre-___ students 3 letters MED
Sound of eating lamian 5 letters SLURP
Fall for example 6 letters SEASON
Drive to the train station for example 6 letters SEEOFF
Completely destroys 5 letters RUINS
Laundry batch 4 letters LOAD
Annual 500-mile race for short 4 letters INDY
Relinquish legally 4 letters CEDE
Drive-___ window 4 letters THRU
Not doing anything 4 letters IDLE
Grasslike wetland plant 4 letters REED
Part of MFA or MMA 4 letters ARTS
Structure that stops the flow of water 3 letters DAM
Golfer Michelle ___ West 3 letters WIE

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