USA Today Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

Selfie sight 4 letters FACE
Small amounts of glue or hot sauce 4 letters DABS
Tommy’s dad on Rugrats 3 letters STU
Star singers 5 letters DIVAS
Jerkish 4 letters RUDE
Bra component 3 letters CUP
Kenan and Kel on Kenan & Kel for example 14 letters MAINCHARACTERS
Suffix for Kazakh 4 letters STAN
Out-of-office status 4 letters AWAY
Go in 5 letters ENTER
Rowboat equipment 4 letters OARS
Scouring pad brand 6 letters BRILLO
G-o-e-s l-i-k-e t-h-i-s 6 letters SPELLS
Barely 8 letters SCARCELY
The Songbird Supreme 11 letters MARIAHCAREY
Spanish article 3 letters UNA
Experiencing little or no romantic attraction for short 3 letters ARO
Opposite of flow 3 letters EBB
Transportation for Aladdin 11 letters MAGICCARPET
Malfunctions 8 letters GLITCHES
Tickles 6 letters AMUSES
Beepers 6 letters PAGERS
Get with the program! 4 letters CMON
Largest denomination of Islam 5 letters SUNNI
___ down (trim) 4 letters PARE
Yearn 4 letters LONG
Game show round with clues worth up to $2000 14 letters DOUBLEJEOPARDY
___ on the side of caution 3 letters ERR
Musubi meat 4 letters SPAM
Starters’ squad 5 letters ATEAM
Kool Moe ___ 3 letters DEE
Risky choice in a party game 4 letters DARE
Many August babies 4 letters LEOS
Italian car company 4 letters FIAT
Shoe brand with a fly name 4 letters AVIA
Deep-fried cheese-filled dessert 7 letters CANNOLI
Key above ~ 3 letters ESC
Tie games 5 letters DRAWS
Mystical radiance 4 letters AURA
Beyonce album released when she turned 25 4 letters BDAY
I’ll be there in a ___! 3 letters SEC
Take the ___ route 6 letters SCENIC
Reptile-shaped chocolate 6 letters TURTLE
Telemarketing tactic 6 letters UPSELL
Messages on IG 3 letters DMS
Scathing 5 letters HARSH
Towel fabric 5 letters TERRY
The God of Small Things author Arundhati 3 letters ROY
___ mode (served with ice cream) 3 letters ALA
Significant other 3 letters BAE
School in Dallas 3 letters SMU
Wok or skillet 3 letters PAN
The end of an ___ 3 letters ERA
Draped garments 5 letters SARIS
Gator relative 4 letters CROC
Enclosure for a pet bird 4 letters CAGE
Releases longer than singles and shorter than LPs 3 letters EPS
The Honey Nut Cheerios mascot is one 3 letters BEE
Permission to Dance band 3 letters BTS
Seasonal fast-food sandwich with BBQ sauce 5 letters MCRIB
TV show with a season titled Coven for short 3 letters AHS
Bit part for a big name 5 letters CAMEO
Te ___ (I love you) 3 letters AMO
Be behind schedule 7 letters RUNLATE
ETA provider 3 letters GPS
Praised 6 letters LAUDED
Send-to-voicemail option 6 letters IGNORE
Career goal for some academics 6 letters TENURE
Filling for a 53-Down 5 letters CREME
Salt-N-___ 4 letters PEPA
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Sandwich cookie brand 4 letters OREO
Confidentiality contracts 4 letters NDAS
Class with kickball 3 letters GYM
Psychedelic drug 3 letters LSD
Ol’ buddy ol’ ___ 3 letters PAL

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