USA Today Crossword February 9 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword February 9 2023 Answers:

Pasta or rice 4 letters CARB
Some RSVPs 3 letters NOS
Color 3 letters HUE
The Bay ___ 4 letters AREA
There’ll be a price to pay though won’t there? 10 letters ATWHATCOST
Connection 4 letters LINK
Someone who might save a bunch on turf 10 letters GOALKEEPER
Payments after due dates 8 letters LATEFEES
Crew 5 letters POSSE
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Hidden stockpile 5 letters STASH
Use a wooden spoon 4 letters STIR
Anna’s sister in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
Circular or band tool 3 letters SAW
Green ___ (sitcom set on a farm) 5 letters ACRES
School near the Liberty Bell 4 letters PENN
Response to an overshare 3 letters TMI
Fanny pack’s place 5 letters WAIST
Anesthesiologists and such (Abbr.) 3 letters DRS
. . . unfortunately 5 letters IFEAR
Caribou relative 3 letters ELK
Coin in Brussels or Berlin 4 letters EURO
Dry-___ markers 5 letters ERASE
Coloring substance 3 letters DYE
Nudge 4 letters PROD
Sings with closed lips 4 letters HUMS
Enter like data 5 letters INPUT
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
Garden slimers 5 letters SLUGS
Caesar salad ingredients 8 letters CROUTONS
Located exactly 10 letters PINPOINTED
Important piece of information in a mystery story 4 letters CLUE
Not a good idea 10 letters ILLADVISED
Cosmetics chain 4 letters ULTA
Mazel ___! 3 letters TOV
Snakelike creature eaten by sea snakes 3 letters EEL
Beckoning whisper 4 letters PSST
It’s your ___ (Up to you) 4 letters CALL
Opera solo 4 letters ARIA
Tenant protest 10 letters RENTSTRIKE
Places to buy bolillos or baguettes 8 letters BAKERIES
Washington Capitals’ org. 3 letters NHL
Acorn producer 3 letters OAK
Actress who played Joy in Everything Everywhere All at Once 12 letters STEPHANIEHSU
Jumps like a kangaroo 4 letters HOPS
Practical functions 4 letters USES
French for to be 4 letters ETRE
Act Your ___ Eve Brown (Talia Hibbert novel) 3 letters AGE
Paw parts 4 letters TOES
Worthless materials 13 letters WASTEPRODUCTS
Head of a company 3 letters CEO
Season premiere 12 letters FIRSTEPISODE
Brewery products 4 letters ALES
###-##-#### 3 letters SSN
Like a dragon’s skin 5 letters SCALY
Totally dominates 10 letters STEAMROLLS
Accumulate 5 letters AMASS
Metal thread 4 letters WIRE
Blown away 4 letters AWED
___ Everything and Read 4 letters DROP
Peaches pears etc. in a plastic container 8 letters FRUITCUP
Vase with a base 3 letters URN
Orchard organism 4 letters TREE
Saliva 4 letters SPIT
___ & Stitch 4 letters LILO
School near the Strip 4 letters UNLV
Student’s stat 3 letters GPA
Unusual 3 letters ODD
Trail mix ingredients 4 letters NUTS
Candidate’s goal 4 letters SEAT
You’re the Only One ___ Told (2020 book) 3 letters IVE
Zero in soccer scores 3 letters NIL

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