USA Today Crossword December 2 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword December 2 2022 Answers:

Chullo or sombrero 3 letters HAT
A scapegoat receives it 5 letters BLAME
Word before power or system 5 letters SOLAR
Guyanese president Irfaan ___ 3 letters ALI
Dancer Alvin 5 letters AILEY
Express a view 5 letters OPINE
Labyrinth with green walls 9 letters HEDGEMAZE
Righty tighty ___ loosey 5 letters LEFTY
Opera diva’s song 4 letters ARIA
Fantasy creature 3 letters ORC
Voice quality 4 letters TONE
Short-term worker 4 letters TEMP
Created 4 letters MADE
Mail carrier’s org. 4 letters USPS
Ctrl Alt ___ 3 letters DEL
Publisher’s stack of unsolicited manuscripts 9 letters SLUSHPILE
Beam of light 3 letters RAY
When will u be here? 3 letters ETA
___ Buddhism 3 letters ZEN
Book that stands the test of time 7 letters CLASSIC
Dig in! 7 letters LETSEAT
Granola piece 3 letters OAT
I didn’t love it 3 letters MEH
Actress and activist Ruby 3 letters DEE
The Black Panthers’ community survival programs for example 9 letters MUTUALAID
Type of sleep 3 letters REM
Prep for print 4 letters EDIT
Thinnest U.S. coin 4 letters DIME
Rise dramatically 4 letters SOAR
Hauls to the body shop 4 letters TOWS
Annual ___ shots 3 letters FLU
Botch 4 letters FLUB
Grayish-brown color 5 letters TAUPE
Team-building exercise that ends with a catch 9 letters TRUSTFALL
Not from a major studio 5 letters INDIE
Rubbed the wrong way 5 letters VEXED
Soaked 3 letters WET
Move on tippy toes 5 letters SNEAK
Pepitas for example 5 letters SEEDS
Wallet items 3 letters IDS
That’s a good one! 4 letters HAHA
Phone notification 5 letters ALERT
Used the KonMari Method 6 letters TIDIED
Term of endearment 3 letters BAE
Stretch car 4 letters LIMO
Wake-up devices 6 letters ALARMS
Agave-based spirit 6 letters MEZCAL
Body part that sounds like a letter 3 letters EYE
Red plastic cup brand 4 letters SOLO
Reveal things about yourself 6 letters OPENUP
Like Madame Tussauds sculptures 8 letters LIFESIZE
Colony insect 3 letters ANT
El ___ (ranchera song with the lyric mi palabra es la ley) 3 letters REY
Fortniters for example 6 letters GAMERS
Tried out 6 letters TESTED
Blood bank donation 6 letters PLASMA
One-on-one battle 4 letters DUEL
Heartfelt request 4 letters PLEA
Mailed out 4 letters SENT
Anti-fans 6 letters HATERS
Lets another car go first 6 letters YIELDS
You’d like it here! 4 letters COME
Shower with praise 4 letters LAUD
State of mind 8 letters ATTITUDE
Masala ___ 4 letters CHAI
Accompany to the airport for example 6 letters SEEOFF
Place where everything’s perfect 6 letters UTOPIA
My calendar’s wide open 6 letters IMFREE
Ultra-fancy 6 letters DELUXE
Country bordered by Mozambique 6 letters MALAWI
Like legal pads 5 letters RULED
Half of a fortnight 4 letters WEEK
Not new 4 letters USED
Crunchy deli sandwiches 4 letters BLTS
___ the season! 3 letters TIS
Track star Shelly-___ Fraser-Pryce 3 letters ANN
Media room fixtures 3 letters TVS
QB-to-WR scores 3 letters TDS

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