Universal Crossword September 7 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 7 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 7 2023 Answers:

Crank (up) 3 letters REV
Person of interest? 5 letters CRUSH
Touts 5 letters HYPES
Chopping tool: Var. 3 letters AXE
Busybody 5 letters YENTA
Out in the open 5 letters OVERT
Knob that goes to 11 in This Is Spinal Tap: Abbr. 3 letters VOL
*Rugby formation 5 letters SCRUM
*Apt nickname for a physical therapist 5 letters PETEY
List shortener: Abbr. 3 letters ETC
Hard landing sound 4 letters THUD
Wagers 4 letters BETS
Digital aide to millions 4 letters SIRI
Boxer who fought Frazier three times 3 letters ALI
Don’t wait! 6 letters ACTNOW
*With vigor in music 7 letters CONBRIO
*Inexpensive and inferior in slang 6 letters CHEAPO
Cockatiel’s enclosure 4 letters CAGE
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Understanding 3 letters KEN
Shipping containers 6 letters CRATES
Followed 6 letters ENSUED
Sound of contentment 3 letters AAH
Bit of ink 3 letters TAT
Spots for lots of wine 4 letters VATS
*National tree of Madagascar 6 letters BAOBAB
*Wichita linemen presumably 7 letters KANSANS
Ultimate aim 6 letters ENDALL
Word before Glory or guard 3 letters OLD
Sensed 4 letters FELT
One of the Great Lakes 4 letters ERIE
Regrets 4 letters RUES
Compete (for) 3 letters VIE
*Donna Summer’s genre 5 letters DISCO
*Paddock cry 5 letters NEIGH
Accomplished pilot or pitcher 3 letters ACE
Big name in mineral water 5 letters EVIAN
2011 animated Western comedy starring Johnny Depp 5 letters RANGO
Lion’s lair 3 letters DEN
Dresses in 5 letters WEARS
Feeling of anxiety or dread 5 letters ANGST
Spots on TV say 3 letters ADS
Highest recommendations 5 letters RAVES
Anything but ordinary 6 letters EXOTIC
Alternative to laces 6 letters VELCRO
Anatomical sac 4 letters CYST
Like a laptop’s battery 12 letters RECHARGEABLE
Most wild as hair 9 letters UNRULIEST
Hitsville USA e.g. 6 letters STUDIO
Christmas meat 3 letters HAM
Boxes for aspiring brides 10 letters HOPECHESTS
Fashion model Prieto 6 letters YVETTE
Python in one’s home perhaps 8 letters PETSNAKE
Bard’s before 3 letters ERE
Filthy room 3 letters STY
Breakfast order that might be arranged into a smiley face 12 letters BACONANDEGGS
Ancient Peruvian 4 letters INCA
Slanted column? 4 letters OPED
Triumphed 3 letters WON
Results of companies merging? 10 letters BATTALIONS
Diminishing as a currency 9 letters DEVALUING
James of The Godfather 4 letters CAAN
Zimbabwe formerly 8 letters RHODESIA
Mil. branch for those aiming high 4 letters USAF
16th prez 3 letters ABE
Where to find a mule on a train? 6 letters BARCAR
From Seoul say 6 letters KOREAN
One of two states with Heavenly skiing? 6 letters NEVADA
Like the foods split across each pair of starred clues’ answers 6 letters SLICED
New drivers often 5 letters TEENS
Attempt at a basket 4 letters SHOT
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
___ had it! 3 letters IVE
New Deal org. whose middle letter stood for recovery 3 letters NRA

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