Universal Crossword September 6 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 6 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 6 2023 Answers:

Worldwide: Abbr. 4 letters INTL
Unknown author briefly 4 letters ANON
Grinds into flour say 5 letters MILLS
Talk Nerdy host ___ Santa Maria 4 letters CARA
Pixar film set in Mexico 4 letters COCO
Words before dipping? 5 letters IMOUT
*Point above a quake’s origin (Note the first four letters of each starred clue’s answer) 9 letters EPICENTER
Fruity lassi flavor 5 letters MANGO
Quaker breakfast 7 letters OATMEAL
Bird used as a messenger 6 letters PIGEON
Forearm bones 5 letters ULNAS
Emulate a lion 4 letters ROAR
Ultimate ultimatum word 4 letters ELSE
Cribbage pieces 4 letters PEGS
*I’m just guessing here … 10 letters MYTHEORYIS
City in Ohio or Spain 6 letters TOLEDO
Practical smarts 5 letters SAVVY
Number of Oscars won by Al Pacino as of 2023 3 letters ONE
Tasty! 3 letters YUM
Chandelier singer 3 letters SIA
Last in a mathematical series 3 letters NTH
Approached in a hurry 5 letters RANAT
Wooden roller coaster whose name means The Bull 6 letters ELTORO
*Presentation of gifts? 10 letters TALENTSHOW
Stat! 4 letters ASAP
Like a superfan 4 letters AVID
Consumer 4 letters USER
Bench ___ (gym exercise) 5 letters PRESS
Minor accident 6 letters MISHAP
Chance to get even 7 letters REMATCH
___ Tot 5 letters TATER
*Ceremony airing live on Netflix in 2024 9 letters SAGAWARDS
Squad of starters 5 letters ATEAM
Wall St. debuts 4 letters IPOS
Cool! 4 letters NEAT
Patches as a hole 5 letters MENDS
Make harmonious 4 letters SYNC
Eye woe 4 letters STYE
Diamonds slangily 3 letters ICE
Dessert named for a French emperor 8 letters NAPOLEON
Instrument named for its shape 8 letters TRIANGLE
Enzyme for digesting dairy 7 letters LACTASE
Spots you hope to avoid? 4 letters ACNE
Witness to a document signing 6 letters NOTARY
Wildcats that prey on armadillos 7 letters OCELOTS
Neither partner 3 letters NOR
Role in Rent or La Boheme 4 letters MIMI
Visual symbolism 7 letters IMAGERY
Wanting company 6 letters LONELY
Dracula portrayer Bela 6 letters LUGOSI
Cherry pits 6 letters STONES
Outskirts of Mannheim? 3 letters EMS
Performance before opening night 7 letters PREVIEW
Until 4 letters UPTO
Knowing expressions? 4 letters AHAS
Get ready to ride 7 letters MOUNTUP
Like many racetracks 4 letters OVAL
Actress Cannon 4 letters DYAN
Basilica service 4 letters MASS
Something that’s common knowledge 8 letters NOSECRET
When curbside pickup is scheduled? 8 letters TRASHDAY
Moves like a bunny 4 letters HOPS
Carrottop 7 letters REDHEAD
Word after talk or speech 7 letters THERAPY
Cloth patterns that identify clans 7 letters TARTANS
Repetitively named gong 6 letters TAMTAM
Be a pilot 6 letters AVIATE
Take heed 6 letters LISTEN
State home to many Chinook people 6 letters OREGON
Cub’s mitt? 3 letters PAW
Set of five for a starfish 4 letters ARMS
Gender expression label 4 letters MASC
Bro’s sib maybe 3 letters SIS
___ Genevieve Mo. 3 letters STE

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