Universal Crossword September 5 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 5 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 5 2023 Answers:

Kickoff 5 letters START
Big birds 4 letters EMUS
Cross your fingers 4 letters HOPE
Universal blood donor 5 letters TYPEO
___ worry! 4 letters DONT
Paris 2024 sword 4 letters EPEE
Turn over 5 letters UPEND
*Entrepreneur’s early need 9 letters UPCAPITAL
Marital refusal 6 letters NODEAR
Was dishonest 4 letters LIED
*Announcement at the Daytona 500 11 letters YOURENGINES
Roth and SEP plans 4 letters IRAS
Copper/zinc alloy 5 letters BRASS
Abbr. after a phone number 3 letters EXT
*The whole shebang 8 letters TOFINISH
Less polished 5 letters RAWER
Zoe of Guardians of the Galaxy 7 letters SALDANA
Fire-breathing mythical creature 7 letters CHIMERA
Roast host 5 letters EMCEE
*Put on dance music perhaps 8 letters THEPARTY
What you might receive upon landing in Hawaii 3 letters LEI
Sioux City native 5 letters IOWAN
Girl in Scotland 4 letters LASS
*Cook something without premade ingredients 11 letters FROMSCRATCH
Nobelist Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
… yada yada 6 letters ETCETC
Go back to here for the beginning of each starred clue’s answer 9 letters SQUAREONE
Pageant crown 5 letters TIARA
Chuck 4 letters HURL
Buckwheat noodle 4 letters SOBA
Peeled as cucumbers 5 letters PARED
Coop mothers 4 letters HENS
Bygone Russian autocrat 4 letters TSAR
They’re always underfoot 5 letters SOLES
Daze 4 letters STUN
Teh for example 4 letters TYPO
Copied 4 letters APED
Descartes who said I think therefore I am 4 letters RENE
Before tomorrow 5 letters TODAY
Letters after brown. or rice. 3 letters EDU
Unruly head of hair 3 letters MOP
Mother’s brothers 6 letters UNCLES
Leaves a lasting mark 6 letters STAINS
Alpine girl of fiction 5 letters HEIDI
Make a decision 3 letters OPT
Green morsel 3 letters PEA
Fish such as unagi 3 letters EEL
Wooden pin 3 letters PEG
Red-breasted songbird 5 letters ROBIN
___ Minor (Little Bear) 4 letters URSA
Cheer syllable 3 letters RAH
Period after a major change 6 letters NEWERA
Puts forth as effort 6 letters EXERTS
They may end up in a shelter 6 letters STRAYS
Word after in and of 6 letters ITSELF
Nomad 6 letters ROAMER
Union grp. since 1955 6 letters AFLCIO
Entree accompaniment 4 letters SIDE
No in Scotland 3 letters NAE
Abbr. on a headstone 3 letters RIP
Human rights lawyer Clooney 4 letters AMAL
Casual conversation 4 letters CHAT
From this point forward 5 letters HENCE
JFK’s ___ Flight Center 3 letters TWA
Most frosty 6 letters ICIEST
Cookie-based cereal 6 letters OREOOS
Series of courses? 5 letters MEALS
Kind of camera for short 3 letters SLR
Beginning of an encrypted address 5 letters HTTPS
Arrivederci! 4 letters CIAO
Count’s equivalent 4 letters EARL
The General Sherman sequoia e.g. 4 letters TREE
Dishonorable men 4 letters CADS
Quiet down! 3 letters SHH
Spanish for what 3 letters QUE
Large coffee vessel 3 letters URN
Org. for the Hawks and Raptors 3 letters NBA
Musical aptitude 3 letters EAR

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