Universal Crossword September 3 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 3 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 3 2023 Answers:

Makes an offer 4 letters BIDS
Imitation ___ 4 letters CRAB
Hot ___ (chaotic situation) 4 letters MESS
Widely adored celebrities 5 letters ICONS
Irritate 4 letters RILE
Post-yoga pain 4 letters ACHE
Plastic figurines with cylindrical heads 10 letters LEGOPEOPLE
What you used to be? 4 letters THOU
Metaphorical garment put on when behaving like an adult 11 letters BIGBOYPANTS
Tiebreaker periods for short 3 letters OTS
Artist Yoko 3 letters ONO
Solidify as mousse 3 letters SET
Shade tree 3 letters ELM
Mac alternatives 3 letters PCS
Kind of lily that’s Utah’s state flower 4 letters SEGO
Ferret for one 6 letters WEASEL
Dance wildly at a punk concert 4 letters MOSH
Org. that regulates manure 3 letters EPA
Tall coifs 5 letters UPDOS
Show where queens compete 15 letters RUPAULSDRAGRACE
Hearty meals 5 letters STEWS
Reservoir creator 3 letters DAM
___-Seltzer 4 letters ALKA
Admission of defeat 6 letters WELOST
Certain apple dessert … or a descriptor for a certain apple 4 letters TART
I ___ you not! 3 letters KID
Not near 3 letters FAR
___-mo 3 letters SLO
Some music festival headliners 3 letters DJS
___ be great if … 3 letters ITD
Cuisine that includes kimchi quesadillas and sushirritos 11 letters ASIANFUSION
Lightly burn 4 letters CHAR
Be set for life 10 letters HAVEITMADE
Toy for a windy day 4 letters KITE
Alter ___ (secondary identities) 4 letters EGOS
Justice Sotomayor 5 letters SONIA
A ___ in the right direction 4 letters STEP
Text message status 4 letters SENT
Nerd 4 letters GEEK
The Hobbit protagonist 5 letters BILBO
Trap during a winter storm 5 letters ICEIN
Cute pupper e.g. 5 letters DOGGO
Pretentious person 4 letters SNOB
Shirts that might show a navel ring 8 letters CROPTOPS
TV host Kelly 4 letters RIPA
Never-before-seen 6 letters ALLNEW
Volkswagen named after an insect 6 letters BEETLE
Yoga surface 3 letters MAT
Electric guitar accessory 9 letters ECHOPEDAL
Court countdown timer 9 letters SHOTCLOCK
Dr. for children? 5 letters SEUSS
Informal What if … 5 letters SPOSE
Application that can reduce dark circles 6 letters EYEGEL
The Hobbit dragon 5 letters SMAUG
Draped garment 5 letters SHAWL
Jack in a nursery rhyme 5 letters SPRAT
Sra. in English 3 letters MRS
Go on I don’t have all day! 9 letters OUTWITHIT
Short chemistry test? 9 letters SPEEDDATE
Sum 3 letters ADD
Mediterranean e.g. 3 letters SEA
Merica 5 letters USOFA
Very cluttered place 8 letters RATSNEST
Southern Italy’s ___ Coast 6 letters AMALFI
Pageant bands 6 letters SASHES
Prioritize at the E.R. 6 letters TRIAGE
Defeats decisively 5 letters ROUTS
Pumped Up ___ (Foster the People song) 5 letters KICKS
Steak ___ (flambeed dish) 5 letters DIANE
Actress Foster 5 letters JODIE
Move surreptitiously 5 letters SNEAK
Direct-selling cosmetics company 4 letters AVON
Visible pollution 4 letters SMOG
Gym unit 3 letters REP

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