Universal Crossword September 27 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 27 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 27 2023 Answers:

Transmission chain? 5 letters AAMCO
Yoga pad 3 letters MAT
Book of maps 5 letters ATLAS
Run as a meeting 5 letters CHAIR
Ginger ___ 3 letters ALE
Steamy room 5 letters SAUNA
Something especially attractive? 15 letters HORSESHOEMAGNET
___ of the Needle (thriller novel) 3 letters EYE
Now you’d better watch out! 7 letters OHITSON
Wonderment 3 letters AWE
Prefix similar to equi- 3 letters ISO
Crash sound in comics 3 letters BAM
Singer Aimee 4 letters MANN
Works hard 5 letters TOILS
Fisher of Wolf Like Me 4 letters ISLA
Vicinity 4 letters AREA
___ noir (grape variety) 5 letters PINOT
Storage building 4 letters SHED
Insta postings 4 letters PICS
Yellow-green shade 5 letters OLIVE
Ditto 4 letters SAME
Michigan or Erie 4 letters LAKE
Law and ___ 5 letters ORDER
Per item 4 letters APOP
Channel showing games 4 letters ESPN
Cheery tunes 5 letters LILTS
Copper-plated coin 4 letters CENT
Sort of: Suffix 3 letters ISH
Earth: Prefix 3 letters GEO
Pair of rappers say 3 letters DUO
Enter en masse 6 letters PILEIN
___ Madness (classic anti-drug film) 6 letters REEFER
Syst. of hand signals 3 letters ASL
What gets stuck in locks? 7 letters HAIRPIN
NBA great Ming 3 letters YAO
Lion in the sky 3 letters LEO
Assign to a position 7 letters APPOINT
Globe 3 letters ORB
Kitten call 3 letters MEW
Hard-boiled Chinese snacks 7 letters TEAEGGS
Put in service 3 letters USE
Hurt everywhere 4 letters ACHE
Sailor’s Hey! 4 letters AHOY
Female horse 4 letters MARE
Prefix for gender 3 letters CIS
Cookies with a Super Mario variety 5 letters OREOS
Half a Hawaiian fish 4 letters MAHI
Scads 4 letters ALOT
Summer tops 4 letters TEES
Cobra pose or corpse pose 5 letters ASANA
Identify on Facebook 3 letters TAG
Moon goddess 4 letters LUNA
Freshly 4 letters ANEW
Completely fill 4 letters SATE
Played billiards 8 letters SHOTPOOL
Mafia members 8 letters MOBSTERS
From one perspective 8 letters INASENSE
What an actor shouldn’t do 8 letters MISSACUE
Source of syrup 5 letters MAPLE
Opera solos 5 letters ARIAS
Airline passenger’s prop 10 letters NECKPILLOW
Drilling structure 6 letters OILRIG
Sitting at a red light maybe 6 letters INIDLE
It’d be my pleasure! 6 letters LOVETO
2017 Ed Sheeran hit … and a phonetic hint to 17-Across 60-Across 28-Down and the center of this puzzle’s grid 10 letters SHAPEOFYOU
Dish soap scent 5 letters LEMON
Very skillful 5 letters ADEPT
Drummer’s cymbal pair 5 letters HIHAT
Auto dings 5 letters DENTS
Part of the hand 4 letters PALM
Oh OK! 4 letters ISEE
Scruff 4 letters NAPE
Does that ___ a bell? 4 letters RING
Organs with drums 4 letters EARS
It’s worn after a bath 4 letters ROBE
Hoppy brew for short 3 letters IPA
Beluga eggs 3 letters ROE
Swine 3 letters PIG

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