Universal Crossword September 26 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 26 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 26 2023 Answers:

Enormous 4 letters VAST
Helvetica or Calibri 4 letters FONT
Slowly move (along) 4 letters INCH
___-bitty 4 letters ITTY
Declares 5 letters AVOWS
NYC neighborhood by Little Italy 4 letters SOHO
*Put some bucks on the Bucks maybe 10 letters PLACEDABET
Calming of diplomatic tensions 4 letters THAW
Turns bad 4 letters ROTS
Glee actress Michele 3 letters LEA
___ legs 4 letters HIND
Start a remote work session say 5 letters LOGON
*Oscar nominee for Network 9 letters NEDBEATTY
Flow (from) 7 letters EMANATE
Occupied a booth 3 letters SAT
Spinning Looney Tunes character for short 3 letters TAZ
Cannabis variety 4 letters HEMP
David’s role on Friends 4 letters ROSS
*Cover that gets plugged in 13 letters HEATEDBLANKET
Guthrie of folk 4 letters ARLO
Travel in a catamaran 4 letters SAIL
Sen.’s counterpart 3 letters REP
Drenched 3 letters WET
Some have beginner’s luck 7 letters NEWBIES
*Process by which a neutron might become a proton 9 letters BETADECAY
Colombian street food 5 letters AREPA
Sore 4 letters ACHY
Slump 3 letters SAG
Alternative to Budget 4 letters AVIS
Heads out 4 letters GOES
Engender public controversy or a hint to the word scrambled in each starred clue’s answer 10 letters STIRDEBATE
Muppet with a dog named Tango 4 letters ELMO
Played a role 5 letters ACTED
Notable periods 4 letters ERAS
Property claim 4 letters LIEN
Emotive performers 4 letters HAMS
Resident of Orkney e.g. 4 letters SCOT
Special guest for short 3 letters VIP
Falcons or Hawks on a scoreboard 3 letters ATL
Person who’s focused while staring into space? 9 letters STARGAZER
Titan of industry 6 letters TYCOON
Crazes 4 letters FADS
Egg cells 3 letters OVA
Virtuous 5 letters NOBLE
Rough woolen fabric 5 letters TWEED
Do I have your permission? 8 letters ISTHATOK
___ game (pitcher’s feat) 5 letters NOHIT
Shout from the stands 5 letters CHANT
Greetings pardner 5 letters HOWDY
Wild guesses 5 letters STABS
Sicilian volcano 4 letters ETNA
Allow 3 letters LET
Largest city in the Cornhusker State 5 letters OMAHA
Must have or must-haves 5 letters NEEDS
Rake in 4 letters EARN
Over-top connector? 3 letters THE
Wharton deg. 3 letters MBA
___ the Elder (Roman author) 5 letters PLINY
Multipart story’s path 9 letters SERIESARC
Brew as tea 5 letters STEEP
Active 24/7 8 letters ALWAYSON
Three-___ sloth 4 letters TOED
Lager’s relative 3 letters ALE
Wildfire prevention spot e.g. for short 3 letters PSA
Thompson of Westworld 5 letters TESSA
Ocean motion 4 letters WAVE
Corrupting gifts 6 letters BRIBES
Coffee Meets ___ (dating app) 5 letters BAGEL
Romaine danger 5 letters ECOLI
Feature of many parties and crosswords 5 letters THEME
Good potential partner 5 letters CATCH
Unsettled feeling 5 letters AGITA
Contributes 4 letters ADDS
Band that’s also a sleep acronym 3 letters REM
East Asian way 3 letters TAO
Guess: Abbr. 3 letters EST

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