Universal Crossword September 20 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 20 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 20 2023 Answers:

Pulled up a chair 3 letters SAT
Stud alternative 4 letters HOOP
Like some views 6 letters SCENIC
Article of clothing whose name indicates how to secure it 3 letters TIE
Latin for bear 4 letters URSA
Pal of Pooh 6 letters EEYORE
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Woo receptionists at the tribunal? 11 letters COURTCLERKS
Gather like geese 5 letters FLOCK
Muscle group targeted by Pilates 4 letters CORE
Winter hrs. in Denver 3 letters MST
Lay off wrestlers at the station? 12 letters FIREFIGHTERS
Wheels of fortune? 4 letters LIMO
In fashion 7 letters STYLISH
Dim ___ (Chinese plates) 3 letters SUM
___ the Great 4 letters NATE
Cleveland’s state 4 letters OHIO
Mentor orchestra leaders at the depot? 15 letters TRAINCONDUCTORS
Small amount of paint 4 letters ADAB
Enchilada alternative 4 letters TACO
Peach discard 3 letters PIT
Uno dos tres etc. 7 letters NUMEROS
Goof up 4 letters FLUB
Fine intelligence operatives at the theater? 12 letters TICKETAGENTS
TV channel for a film buff 3 letters TCM
One hell of a river? 4 letters STYX
Edible part of an artichoke 5 letters HEART
Hire goalies at the firm? 11 letters BOOKKEEPERS
Sushi bar eggs 3 letters ROE
One S of USSR 6 letters SOVIET
Tropical setting for 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall 4 letters OAHU
Criminal 3 letters CON
States one’s case 6 letters PLEADS
Driver’s respite 4 letters STOP
Go (for) 3 letters OPT
Not flexible 5 letters STIFF
Vowel-heavy sauce 5 letters AIOLI
Pavarotti vocally 5 letters TENOR
Twain protagonist to his friends 8 letters HUCKFINN
Gold in Guatemala 3 letters ORO
The Pac-12’s Beavers: Abbr. 3 letters OSU
Make thirsty 5 letters PARCH
Can you keep a ___? 6 letters SECRET
Salad stalk 6 letters CELERY
Place for a pirate’s patch 3 letters EYE
Word with gender or social 4 letters NORM
Really bothers 4 letters IRKS
___ la vie! 4 letters CEST
Little humans 4 letters TOTS
Cartoon frame 3 letters CEL
Apple desktop 4 letters IMAC
Attend as an event 4 letters GOTO
What welcomes change? 4 letters SLOT
Breakfast chain founded in L.A. 4 letters IHOP
Smart talker on an iPhone? 4 letters SIRI
Have guests over 4 letters HOST
Obsessive dedicatee informally 4 letters STAN
Language in which Pakistan means land of the pure 4 letters URDU
Palindromic address 4 letters MAAM
Dr. who might treat tonsillitis 3 letters ENT
Yeah sure … 4 letters IBET
___ Punk (music duo) 4 letters DAFT
The Pac-12’s Bruins 4 letters UCLA
Hands over reluctantly 8 letters COUGHSUP
Chanced 6 letters RISKED
Groups of eight 6 letters OCTETS
Scottish terrier breed 4 letters SKYE
3rd of February? 3 letters BEE
Convention center events 5 letters EXPOS
Undercover drug cop 5 letters NARCO
Girl Scout group 5 letters TROOP
Blood vessel opener 5 letters STENT
Kitchen measurement: Abbr. 4 letters TBSP
Sweet! 4 letters COOL
Relocate 4 letters MOVE
Sorento maker 3 letters KIA
___ up! (Dig in!) 3 letters EAT
P to Plato 3 letters RHO

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