Universal Crossword September 2 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 2 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 2 2023 Answers:

Shiny doorknob material 5 letters BRASS
Gripe under one’s breath 6 letters MUTTER
Spam musubi wrapping 7 letters SEAWEED
Words said upon entering the front door 6 letters IMHOME
Congrats! 8 letters MAZELTOV
Shade of red that’s also a verb 6 letters MAROON
I think in textspeak 3 letters IMO
OK don’t accept my apology 9 letters FINEBEMAD
Go bad 4 letters TURN
Ali actress Gaye 4 letters NONA
Land in hot water perhaps? 4 letters ISLE
Big name in printers 5 letters EPSON
Istanbul resident e.g. 4 letters TURK
Roll call response 4 letters HERE
One looking to outpitch the competition? 8 letters SALESREP
Essential ___ 3 letters OIL
Is clueless about pop culture and current events so to speak 15 letters LIVESUNDERAROCK
Mathematician Lovelace 3 letters ADA
Sister of Peggy and Eliza in Hamilton 8 letters ANGELICA
76ers and others? 4 letters GENX
___ Sutra 4 letters KAMA
Word before wave or pool 5 letters TIDAL
Unfortunately … 4 letters ALAS
Eel’s lung 4 letters GILL
Lucy and ___ (2022 documentary) 4 letters DESI
Not excluded from a group’s decision-making 9 letters INTHELOOP
Khaki color 3 letters TAN
Serengeti adventure 6 letters SAFARI
Like a phone set so as not to disturb a performance 8 letters ONSILENT
In need of defrosting 6 letters ICEDUP
Be allowed to vote 7 letters GETASAY
Blood fluids 6 letters SERUMS
Injections 5 letters SHOTS
Teleport to a starship 6 letters BEAMUP
Fade creators 6 letters RAZORS
Wonder 3 letters AWE
___-awareness 4 letters SELF
Take effect 5 letters SETIN
Nonverbal performer 4 letters MIME
Mushroom’s savory quality 5 letters UMAMI
Flail about 6 letters THRASH
See ya! 8 letters TOODLEOO
Musical genre in zombie movies? 3 letters EMO
Stimpy’s buddy 3 letters REN
Whack biblically 5 letters SMITE
Advice for dealing with a troll 11 letters DONOTENGAGE
Armless Greek sculpture at the Louvre 11 letters VENUSDEMILO
Zip down the highway 11 letters BARRELALONG
Facial feature that a Minion lacks 4 letters NOSE
Spamalot writer Idle 4 letters ERIC
Project Mercury org. 4 letters NASA
Russell of The Americans 4 letters KERI
Antlered animal abundant at Yellowstone 3 letters ELK
Galoot 4 letters LUNK
Formal agreement 4 letters PACT
Streaming nuisance 3 letters LAG
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Nomadic person who lives out of a vehicle 8 letters VANLIFER
Surprise attack 4 letters RAID
Movie nightclub named after a 13th-century palace 6 letters XANADU
Abhor 6 letters DETEST
They’re held in yoga studios 6 letters ASANAS
Like a dryer trap in need of cleaning 5 letters LINTY
Play as a ukulele 5 letters STRUM
Comes up short 5 letters LOSES
They don’t lie per a Shakira hit 4 letters HIPS
Kind of helmet for a 58-Across 4 letters PITH
Certain sib 3 letters SIS
Top poker card 3 letters ACE
Language similar to Thai 3 letters LAO

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