Universal Crossword September 19 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 19 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 19 2023 Answers:

Driver in Star Wars films 4 letters ADAM
Colored pens’ contents 4 letters INKS
They end with Z 4 letters ABCS
Apple assistant 4 letters SIRI
Early hours poetically 4 letters MORN
High-five sound 4 letters SLAP
Industrial and Stone 4 letters AGES
Starting group 5 letters ATEAM
Not out in softball 4 letters SAFE
Where some pachyderms frolic after class? 11 letters HIPPOCAMPUS
Prescription drug for short 3 letters MED
Boot-shaped country 5 letters ITALY
The 9090-piece Titanic e.g. 7 letters LEGOSET
Cover story? 5 letters ALIBI
America’s Next Top Model judge Barker 5 letters NIGEL
Critical time in 1944 4 letters DDAY
Where some primates chatter over drinks? 10 letters MONKEYBARS
Woof! 3 letters ARF
Remote batteries often 3 letters AAS
NCIS network 3 letters CBS
Soccer Hall of Famer Hamm 3 letters MIA
Where some poultry wing it on the dance floor? 10 letters TURKEYCLUB
Suckling site 4 letters TEAT
Diarist Nin 5 letters ANAIS
Church recesses 5 letters APSES
Japanese robes 7 letters KIMONOS
Catherine of Schitt’s Creek 5 letters OHARA
Put two and two together? 3 letters ADD
Any creature celebrating at this puzzle’s featured venues? 11 letters PARTYANIMAL
Dryer fuzz 4 letters LINT
Conceals in one’s hand 5 letters PALMS
Be nomadic 4 letters ROVE
Vietnam neighbor 4 letters LAOS
Deficiency 4 letters LACK
Dino whose full name means tyrant lizard king 4 letters TREX
Utah ski town 4 letters ALTA
Me day spots 4 letters SPAS
Components of blood 4 letters SERA
Popular Japanese beer 5 letters ASAHI
Part of a phone number 5 letters DIGIT
Colombian corn cake 5 letters AREPA
Fielder’s error 7 letters MISPLAY
Apple on a teacher’s desk perhaps? 4 letters IMAC
___ bene 4 letters NOTA
Russian fortress 7 letters KREMLIN
Severus ___ (Alan Rickman role) 5 letters SNAPE
Pompous person 3 letters ASS
Critical thinking exercise? 9 letters BLAMEGAME
Food fight setting 9 letters CAFETERIA
Raced 4 letters SPED
Beer stein 3 letters MUG
Olive of Popeye 3 letters OYL
Some headphones and cameras 5 letters SONYS
Bro or sis 3 letters SIB
Perhaps 4 letters IMAY
Pear variety 4 letters BOSC
Exam for an aspiring J.D. 4 letters LSAT
Word before point or set 4 letters DATA
Call while wasted 9 letters DRUNKDIAL
Polite terse rejection 9 letters AFRAIDNOT
Single-serving coffee holder 4 letters KCUP
Flows back 4 letters EBBS
Major fable writer 5 letters AESOP
The Kardashians star 3 letters KIM
Race portion signaled by waving the white flag 7 letters LASTLAP
Garments in cannons 7 letters TSHIRTS
Really long time 3 letters EON
Toddler’s time out? 3 letters NAP
Spoken exams 5 letters ORALS
Love in Roma 5 letters AMORE
Lover of electronic music 5 letters RAVER
Amazon assistant 5 letters ALEXA
It was ___ dream 4 letters ALLA
Where it’s fun to stay per the Village People 4 letters YMCA
Requests 4 letters ASKS
Airport safety org. 3 letters TSA

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