Universal Crossword September 18 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 18 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 18 2023 Answers:

Attention-getter in court 5 letters GAVEL
Muscle contraction 5 letters SPASM
In ___ We Trust 3 letters GOD
Greek salad morsel 5 letters OLIVE
Name hidden in stash away 5 letters TASHA
Poem that’s far from a roast 3 letters ODE
Position position? 11 letters YOGATEACHER
That one hurts! 3 letters OOF
Name that anagrams to Nia 3 letters ANI
Eye irritation 4 letters STYE
Hang on a clothesline 6 letters AIRDRY
It’d be my pleasure! 6 letters GLADTO
Book that teaches you about the world 5 letters ATLAS
Pursuit pursuit? 12 letters BOUNTYHUNTER
Thanks in Paris 5 letters MERCI
Itsy-bitsy 3 letters WEE
Brew that may be red or pale 3 letters ALE
Game over for me 5 letters ILOST
Asteroid City director Anderson 3 letters WES
Like a one-word response to How are you? 5 letters TERSE
Shop ___ you drop 3 letters TIL
Scratch or stain 3 letters MAR
Detested 5 letters HATED
Calling calling? 12 letters TELEMARKETER
Stop 5 letters CEASE
The Good Place star Ted 6 letters DANSON
Spills boiling water on 6 letters SCALDS
___ your time (wait) 4 letters BIDE
Word after mosh or peach 3 letters PIT
Feel feverish say 3 letters AIL
Post post? 11 letters MAILCARRIER
Lass 3 letters GAL
Snowy heron 5 letters EGRET
Wedding Crashers star Vaughn 5 letters VINCE
Letters of distress 3 letters SOS
Air water and food 5 letters NEEDS
Fencing blades 5 letters EPEES
Spanish painter Francisco 4 letters GOYA
___ for the ride 5 letters ALONG
Somber event in candlelight 5 letters VIGIL
Actress Longoria 3 letters EVA
Put that on our calendar! 8 letters LETSDOIT
Decide not to retire 6 letters STAYON
Jogger’s speed 4 letters PACE
Sign of an extinguished campfire 3 letters ASH
Put away as a saber 7 letters SHEATHE
Taxi actress Henner 6 letters MARILU
You’re on the right track! 9 letters GOODSTART
Stench 4 letters ODOR
Challenge openly 4 letters DEFY
Latin for And you? 4 letters ETTU
Sought elected office 3 letters RAN
Preschool basics 4 letters ABCS
Affirmatives at sea 4 letters AYES
Dance to bounce music 5 letters TWERK
You’re something ___! 4 letters ELSE
Clarinet insert 4 letters REED
Fly catcher? 4 letters MITT
Wiesel who wrote Night Dawn and Day 4 letters ELIE
Attendance checks 9 letters ROLLCALLS
Suffix with spy or silver 4 letters WARE
How could one say such a thing?! 8 letters THENERVE
They’re listening! 4 letters EARS
It can get the knots out 7 letters MASSAGE
Slippery creature in a reef 3 letters EEL
TV drama set on Madison Avenue in the ’60s 6 letters MADMEN
Formal decrees 6 letters EDICTS
Check this out! 4 letters TADA
Pen an op-ed perhaps 5 letters OPINE
Brother’s daughter 5 letters NIECE
Droops 4 letters SAGS
Gotta bounce! 4 letters CIAO
Wasn’t colorfast 4 letters BLED
Uno + dos 4 letters TRES
Rage 3 letters IRE
Tear apart 3 letters RIP

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