Universal Crossword September 14 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 14 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 14 2023 Answers:

Group of eight 5 letters OCTET
Pool triangle 4 letters RACK
South Indian crepe 4 letters DOSA
Jewish circle dances 5 letters HORAS
Tummy malady 4 letters ACHE
I literally can’t ___! 4 letters EVEN
Opportunity for a blowout (In this answer unscramble letters 2-5) 15 letters HAIRAPPOINTMENT
Nickname that drops ing 3 letters IRV
Tear to shreds 5 letters RIPUP
Lyrics 5 letters WORDS
Singer featured on Titanium 3 letters SIA
9/ in a date: Abbr. 3 letters SEP
Greed or wrath 3 letters SIN
Metaphorical failure (… letters 3-8) 11 letters LEADBALLOON
Exec focused on AI perhaps 3 letters CTO
Carne ___ 5 letters ASADA
Unit for Taylor Swift fans 3 letters ERA
Got dirty on the way home? 4 letters SLID
What might get stuck in a country? 7 letters MAPTACK
Dessert with layers of ice cream 7 letters SPUMONI
Iams alternative 4 letters ALPO
Vegan milk grain 3 letters OAT
Makes fun of 5 letters MOCKS
Shares again on Twitter before Jul. 2023 3 letters RTS
Single and ready to mingle (… letters 2-7) 11 letters ONTHEMARKET
Beats by ___ 3 letters DRE
Ambient musician Brian 3 letters ENO
Goof 3 letters ERR
Payment for a commercial 5 letters ADFEE
Buzzing instrument 5 letters KAZOO
Easy letters 3 letters ABC
Investor in raw materials (… letters 6-10) 15 letters COMMODITYTRADER
Fatty tuna 4 letters TORO
Express lane unit 4 letters ITEM
Upload returns 5 letters EFILE
Goes down a mountain 4 letters SKIS
Insignificant 4 letters MERE
Plagiarized 5 letters STOLE
Fancy seeing you here! 4 letters OHHI
Caramel topper 10 letters COARSESALT
Brainy downloads 10 letters TRIVIAAPPS
Organ with a canal 3 letters EAR
Winter Palace resident 4 letters TSAR
Go down a mountain 6 letters RAPPEL
Two 7 letters ACOUPLE
Chocolate morsel 4 letters CHIP
Ryan’s role in Barbie 3 letters KEN
Possessive spirit 5 letters DEMON
No longer into 4 letters OVER
Ship off 4 letters SEND
Insects sometimes fried 4 letters ANTS
Italian city famed for its tower 4 letters PISA
Scarlett Johansson or Rami Malek 4 letters TWIN
Expand upon 5 letters ADDTO
Dove bar you shouldn’t eat 4 letters SOAP
2018 Pulitzer winner Kendrick 5 letters LAMAR
Sheep sound 3 letters BAA
Surgery settings: Abbr. 3 letters ORS
Nightstand sight 10 letters CLOCKRADIO
Peter Pan character represented on stage by a darting light 10 letters TINKERBELL
Praiseful poet 5 letters ODIST
Camper’s treat 5 letters SMORE
Drippy ice cream order 4 letters CONE
Tattoo artist Von D 3 letters KAT
Actress Thurman 3 letters UMA
Where to see a musical 7 letters THEATER
Cookie eaten with peanut butter in The Parent Trap 4 letters OREO
It breaks things down for you 6 letters ENZYME
Not worth debating 4 letters MOOT
Trial versions 5 letters DEMOS
Groups of scenes 4 letters ACTS
Perform decently 4 letters DOOK
Psych scan 4 letters FMRI
Toy that soars 4 letters KITE
Metallic rocks 4 letters ORES
Origin of Saskatchewan 4 letters CREE
Poorly lit 3 letters DIM
Back at sea 3 letters AFT

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