Universal Crossword September 11 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 11 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 11 2023 Answers:

Flash in ___ pan 3 letters THE
Wide-hipped body shape 4 letters PEAR
Fundamentals 4 letters ABCS
Performs like Kendrick Lamar 4 letters RAPS
Killer whale 4 letters ORCA
Word before circle or top 4 letters CROP
Seven-time A.L. batting champ Rod 5 letters CAREW
Building material for the Great Pyramid of Giza 9 letters LIMESTONE
Have your own bachelor pad say 9 letters LIVEALONE
Entourage 5 letters POSSE
Santa ___ (city in Orange County) 3 letters ANA
Owns 3 letters HAS
Received a salary of 6 letters EARNED
Golfer Garcia 6 letters SERGIO
Russian ruler once 4 letters TSAR
Year in Yucatan 3 letters ANO
Ride a bike 5 letters PEDAL
Pool exercises 4 letters LAPS
Picnic pests 4 letters ANTS
What separates 17-/19- or 52-/55-Across … or a hint to the word bookending each of these answers 9 letters LINEBREAK
Alternative to hahaha 4 letters ROFL
Nonbinary person in brief 4 letters ENBY
Roast 5 letters RIPON
She lived in Eden 3 letters EVE
Don’t follow me 4 letters STAY
City full of gondolas 6 letters VENICE
Guitarist Santana 6 letters CARLOS
___ Paulo 3 letters SAO
Piece of legislation 3 letters LAW
Heart chambers 5 letters ATRIA
Young child 9 letters LITTLEONE
Strip That Down singer 9 letters LIAMPAYNE
Marriage site often 5 letters ALTAR
Actress Loughlin of Full House 4 letters LORI
Senior’s dance 4 letters PROM
Winter transport 4 letters SLED
Tizzy 4 letters SNIT
Authors 4 letters PENS
Palindromic name or the middle of a palindromic word starting with m 3 letters ADA
Newbie at work 7 letters TRAINEE
Archrival of Yale 7 letters HARVARD
Fencer’s heavy sword 4 letters EPEE
Golfers’ attire 5 letters POLOS
Ireland in poetry 4 letters ERIN
Peak 4 letters ACME
Carly ___ Jepsen 3 letters RAE
Profession of 9-Down 5 letters ACTOR
Bond portrayer from 1995-2002 7 letters BROSNAN
Permission 7 letters CONSENT
Skimpy swimsuits 7 letters SPEEDOS
Source of many names from The Lion King 7 letters SWAHILI
Necklace fastener 5 letters CLASP
Trade jabs 4 letters SPAR
Southeast Asian language 3 letters LAO
Simplicity 4 letters EASE
Nerve 4 letters GALL
Striped cat 5 letters TABBY
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Musical Horne 4 letters LENA
Similar (to) 4 letters AKIN
NBA team that left New Jersey 4 letters NETS
Anatomical rings 7 letters AREOLAS
Automakers’ nightmares 7 letters RECALLS
Round of applause 7 letters OVATION
Luxury Italian car 7 letters FERRARI
Flew as a plane 7 letters PILOTED
Anthem heard before a Maple Leafs game 7 letters OCANADA
More recent 5 letters NEWER
Dial product 4 letters SOAP
Large tub 3 letters VAT
Upper bound 5 letters LIMIT
Cherry discards 5 letters STEMS
Old stringed instrument 4 letters LYRE
Part of as a plot 4 letters INON
Jazzy Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA
Tinder but not tinder 3 letters APP

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